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5 Ways I Want To End My Day

I recently published a post about the things I want to do to start my day, but there are also new habits I want to form when it comes to ending my day. After a day of work I usually just want to sit on the couch and catch up on some YouTube videos or watch a new Netflix series, but since I spend my work day looking at a screen, I want to fill up that evening time with other activities that’ll get me ready for a peaceful sleep. Some of these habits are going to take time to be in regular practice, but I find that even setting up the intention is enough to begin switching the way you approach certain aspects of your life.

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Ways To Switch Up Your Routine If You Work From Home

I’ve been working from home as a freelance writer for about a year now and in that time there are a few lessons I’ve learned about productivity and motivation when you’re not working in a traditional office setting. I started off by working from the couch, thinking that I could never possibly get tired of the comfort, and even worked from bed a few days a week, only to figure out the hard way that that’s the worst thing you can do for your productivity and your sleep schedule. After a while, my body began thinking that my bed was a space for work and I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at night and properly rest after a long day.

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Current Makeup Routine

I can't believe that I didn't post anything on my blog last week, but you know how it goes this time of year - so little time so much to do. What with starting my new freelance writing position and planning for the big move to England, things have been quite stressful on my end, but exciting nonetheless. 

For today's post I wanted to talk about something more lighthearted than my usual self-awareness topics and discuss my current makeup routine. I've recently discovered the wonders of playing around with eyeshadows so these past few weeks have allowed me to come up with an everyday look that is reminiscent of French movies with a bit of a contemporary twist. 

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I thought I would end this week on a lighter note and discuss my current makeup menu as I trudge through the arboreous landscape that is minimalism. I’ve significantly decreased my makeup collection in the past few months, only holding on to the few things I know I like to use. However, there are a few that I love to use, and those are what I’ll be discussing today. At some point I hope to convert my entire collection over to cruelty free, but there are so many products that I would like to use up (since I’ve already purchased them) before I make the switch.

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