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How To Get Things Done When Your Environment Isn’t Conducive To Productivity

Moving back in with your parents during a time of significant change isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving pieces in play that can really affect the way you live your life and maintain a level of productivity that makes you feel successful and in control. Seeing as I’ve recently moved back home after almost a year of living abroad, I thought I would share some insight into how I’m attempting to reach my goals in a less-than-ideal environment. From home renovations to old familial habits rearing their heads—we all might need a bit of help when it comes to navigating stressful spaces and maintaining productivity.

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Why I (Sometimes) Suck At Being Productive

Productivity isn’t always easy for me, especially when I’m in a loud or disruptive environment. This is one of the reasons why I don’t thrive in offices—there’s just too much going on and I get distracted very easily. I need to be able to sit in silence, put my head down, and get work done. Unfortunately, that isn’t always my situation and I often find myself succumbing to distractions that are preventing me from achieving everything I want to. For today’s post I wanted to talk a bit about why it’s sometimes hard for me to be as productive as I would like to and what might be a good solution for anyone else that is struggling with this too.

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How I Plan To Become More Productive This Summer

Lately I've been really struggling with my productivity and I can't figure out why. Typically during the summer months I tend to lose focus because all I want to do is frolic outside the in the rare Toronto sun, and my work/creativity suffers because of it. However, it's been especially difficult this summer because this is the first year I am working as a remote freelance writer who doesn't need to go into an office every day. I have the luxury of staying in the comfort of my home and working in my lounge wear and that's proven to be a bit distracting this summer. I haven't been able to separate work life from home life quite yet, which has made it extremely hard to balance my work with my creative endeavours, like my personal writing and this blog. 

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