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4 Habits I Wish I Maintained

Habits are a tricky thing. I often write about habits I want to break, but rarely look back at those that were once working for me and wish I’d never stopped doing. Habits for me are more a ritual than anything else—they give my life structure and provide fulfillment in mundane actions. I work well with a set routine and when I lose control of that and stop doing things that make me feel confident and capable, I lose a little bit of myself as well. Below are 4 habits that create the ultimate life I want to live and I wish I maintained throughout the past few years.

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5 Ways I Want To Start My Day

Seeing as I’ve started my freelance journey again, this time with a fresh perspective and newfound motivation, there are a few ways that I want to begin my days that I haven’t been able to do in the past. Everyone has their own routine that makes them feel ready to take on the day ahead and I’m still searching for the one that’s right for me. Seeing as I don’t sit down at my desk until 10 am to start working, I have a fair amount of time in the early morning to begin practicing a new routine that I think will help me stay focused throughout the day.

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Things I Need To Do To Start My Day Off Right

Starting my day off right isn’t always as easy as it sounds—there’s a lot that goes into being in the right mindset to work and create that I don’t often hear talked about. Maybe it’s something others don’t experience as much as I do, or maybe it’s not the most interesting topic to talk about, but I always find it useful when others share their mundane experiences, so that’s what I’m going to do today!

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