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How To Do A Proper Beauty Clear-Out

I recently had a bit of a beauty clear-out and it felt incredibly good to make some space on my already cluttered set of drawers. I tend to forget what I have in my collection or lose interest in some products then buy more without really considering what that will mean for my storage space and maintenance later on down the line. While I tend to have a beauty clear-out once every few months, it isn’t always easy. Half the fun of collecting makeup is that you get to revisit it and rediscover old favourites that bring you joy. However, that isn’t always sanitary and sometimes you just might be holding on to products for their sentimental value rather than how much use you get out of them.

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My Makeup Regrets

I haven’t been wearing makeup for that long—maybe since I started university about…10 years ago. Yikes. Anyway, since then I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs with regards to my application techniques, products I’ve invested in, and mistakes I’ve made. Today I wanted to share a few things that I wish I’d done differently throughout the years and the mistakes I’ve regretted the most when it comes to my makeup.

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Big Lashes, Matte Lips

Everyone has a signature look and mine has fallen into the categories of big lashes and matte lips. I just think there is something so classic about the look and so easy to apply in the morning when you’re in a rush or for a night out. It’s also when I feel most confident, highlighting what I believe to be my best facial features, so it’s understandable why I’ve invested a lot in mascaras and lipstick throughout the years. My mom has also always had an obsession with big lashes—the bigger, the better has always been her motto—so I’ve watched her go through various brands and find her favourites that I’ve taken on and appropriated for myself. For today’s post I wanted to talk about a few of my favourite mascaras and lipsticks that help me achieve the big lashes, matte lips look and how I plan to wear it as we dive into the autumn and then winter months.

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