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My Struggle With Social Media

Lately I've been having a bit of tumultuous relationship with social media and the unnecessary anxieties it brings into my life. This is primarily directed at Instagram, but can apply to other platforms that are equally addictive and emotionally consequential. I've had Instagram since 2014, close to the time it was first introduced, and it was initially a very interesting experience.

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If you’ve been a reader of my blog or a follower of my Instagram for a while, then you might have noticed that I’m in the early stages of making a bit of a thematic change to my platforms. When I began blogging regularly I wanted to go for a brighter, lighter look in my pictures, seeing as that’s what most of the bloggers I followed were doing. I won’t deny that I like the look of bright photos with complimentary splashes of pink and green in them, however, I don’t think that aesthetic fully represents who I am and who I what I want to portray online.

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