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My Curly Hair Routine

It was only about a year ago that I started wearing my natural hair on a daily basis. Between April and September of 2018 I didn’t straighten my hair and instead researched the best methods to cater to my texture while also investing in the right products. Growing up I was under the impression (as many women with curly hair are, I’m sure) that straight hair was prettier and more elegant, so I opted to blow dry and straighten it every day without fail. I had convinced myself that curly hair just didn’t suit me, despite it coming out of my head that way, and instead did everything in my power to manipulate it into smooth, straight-ish waves.

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For the entirety of my life I’ve struggled with my hair and it’s intricacies. It started at a young age where I was given the quintessential bob just below the ears paired with uneven bangs. This look wouldn’t have been as much of an issue (considering Anna Wintour has sported the same look for years) if it hadn’t been for how naturally curly my hair is. With these somewhat embarrassing hairstyles it encouraged me at a young age to dislike not only the length of my hair, but also it’s natural texture, deeming it as not pretty enough. I would use a nightgown and strap it around my head to mimic the long, straight hair I’d seen in childhood movies and television shows. No one had curly hair without it being acknowledged as something rebellious and combating the status quo.

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