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My 2018 Goals

It's terrifying to accept the fact that it's already February. Where has the year gone and where will it inevitably go when I'm looking back on it 11 months from now? Fortunately, 2018 has taken off with a bang for me and has kept me fairly busy during the cold, dry winter weather when all I want to do is eat takeout and drink wine. So far, I've managed to familiarize myself with the industry I currently copy write for as well as leave my retail job so that I can focus on my writing and any future projects. I've also been planning/stressing over my impending move back to my parent's house as my boyfriend ventures over to the UK to open a new branch for his company. 

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So, here I am. A month after leaving my office job to really try and figure out what I wanted to do and the next steps I wanted to take. It was a hard decision to make, so it helped that my boyfriend and family were supportive enough to make me feel comfortable doing it. I can’t say that it’s something everyone should do because we all have different circumstances, but there are a few things this experience has taught me—some I expected to learn about myself and some I didn’t.

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