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How I'm Currently Organizing My Daily Schedule

I’ve always gravitated toward a steady routine in order to feel productive throughout the day. This mentality stems from university where I really didn’t have a lot of time between classes to get my essays done.

To stay on top of everything I would schedule my months in advance and set aside specific times devoted to assignments. Doing this made it so much easier keep track of everything that was due without scrambling last minute to get it done. Needless to say, I never missed a deadline.

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Running A Freelance Business With Anna Considine

Today’s interview is with an online creative that I have been following since early 2017. Anna has been a motivating and inspiring example in the way I want to run my own business, so I thought it would be incredibly interesting to get a bit of in-depth information about her process. From mental health to the freelancing lifestyle, she has shown me the importance of authenticity and perseverance when it comes to achieving your goals.

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Simple Tips For Getting Your Freelance Writing Business Off The Ground

Starting a business isn’t easy, especially one as specific as content writing. However, there are a few simple methods that you can use to get your small business off the ground. After about two months of really focusing on growth and outreach, I’ve worked with two clients and am currently having a few other business reach out to me. While there’s always more to learn, I thought it would be helpful for anyone else going through this journey if I shared a bit of what I’ve found works best for me at the moment.

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Running A Freelance Business With Lauren from itslaurenvictoria

Today’s guest on this freelancer series is Lauren Brooker from itslaurenvictoria. I have been following her blog for a year or so now and really resonate with her journey as a freelancer who feels a bit overwhelmed with the pressures that come along with that lifestyle. She’s always been open about discussing her mental health issues and that’s made me feel that much more comfortable sharing my own on this blog.

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Why I Don't Subscribe To the Girlboss Mentality

It’s taken me a very long time in my freelance writing journey to consider myself “the boss”. However, at the end of the day, that’s exactly what I am and what I need to be in order to get things done. I have to be both the CEO and the employee—one guiding the other the do the work necessary to reach the end goal. The notion of being the boss in your small business was always somewhat of an afterthought for me, but with the rise of the Girlboss movement, it really made me think about how I want to approach my professional life.

I find that we are inundated with ideas of how you should be acting or thinking when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but none of them feel right for me. So I thought I would write a post about why I don’t subscribe to the Girlboss mentality in case anyone is feeling just as much uncertainty about it.

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Why You Should Be Blogging

Whether you’re a freelance business owner or just a creative person, managing a blog is one of the best things you can do for your professional and personal life. I often hear talk about how blogging is dead, but at the end of the day, blogging is just another form of communication online and that will never truly be overdone. There is always need for connection and creativity, so don’t be put off by the idea that the effort you are putting in to regular blog posts is pointless.

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Running A Freelance Business With Emily Fata From Wanderous Affair

Welcome to my new blog series all about mental health and running a freelance business! Throughout the next few months I will be hosting interviews with my favourite bloggers where they share their journeys running a business and maintaining their mental health in the process. These interviews will be released every two weeks until the foreseeable future and will have the same sets of questions until I think it’s necessary to switch them up. I am incredibly excited to share these stories and I hope they will benefit anyone else struggling with a similar journey.

Today’s guest is a close and personal friend of mine, Emily Fata from Wanderous Affair.

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The 3 Basic Steps Of Becoming A Freelance Writer

I am by no means an expert when it comes to running a freelance business or even really knowing all the twists and turns that come along with the title. I’m (in my mind) only a month in to being officially a content writing business owner, however, I have learned a few basic things about the process in my previous 2 years of freelance writing. Not to mention the countless hours I’ve spent researching every minute detail that goes into getting setup and started so that the business can be as effective as possible.

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