How I'm Currently Organizing My Daily Schedule


I’ve always gravitated toward a steady routine in order to feel productive throughout the day. This mentality stems from university where I really didn’t have a lot of time between classes to get my essays done.

To stay on top of everything I would schedule my months in advance and set aside specific times devoted to assignments. Doing this made it so much easier keep track of everything that was due without scrambling last minute to get it done. Needless to say, I never missed a deadline.

However, finding the routine that works best for you and sticking to it isn’t always easy. Lifestyles vary and things change with time. So, I thought it could be helpful for other freelancers who work from home if I were to give an example of how I’m currently organizing my daily schedule to fit in all my projects, client work and blog posts.


I usually wake up around 7 am. I’m not going lie and say that I get out of bed immediately, though. I usually lounge around for a bit until I feel like I am fully awake then head to the kitchen for breakfast.

After I’ve watched some Youtube while drinking my morning coffee I’ll start my work day at around 9:30 am. My most productive times are between 10:30 am to 12 pm so I try to get into a work rhythm beforehand so I’m not wasting that productive time.

I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing a daily to-do list the night before, so I’ll refer to this while my computer is booting up. While there is usually one main thing I have in mind to work on throughout the day, I try to tick off all the smaller tasks earlier on so that I have more time to focus on bigger projects. These tasks include pitching to clients, doing my follow ups, looking for new clients and responding to emails.

Once those are all done I then begin working on my main projects. Those are usually client work, like writing website landing pages and articles, or even eBooks that I am writing for my own website. My most productive time of the day is dedicated to work that makes up most of my income.


Once I’ve wrapped up my morning tasks I’ll then either hit the treadmill for a quick workout or, if it’s a rest day, have my lunch. I try to work out at least 3 days a week, just to keep my anxiety under control and move my body instead of sitting in a chair for most of the day.

I’ll give myself about an hour and a half to have my lunch and another coffee. I try to embrace these moments of relaxation for as long as feasible before I get back to work for the rest of the day.


I usually get back to work at around 2 pm and stop at 5 or 6, depending on the projects on my plate. This half of the workday is usually dedicated to finishing off my morning projects, working on some blog posts and even editing some fiction for my upcoming book. I also respond to any emails I might have received from my morning pitches or responses from clients about the work I am doing for them.

At the moment, I’m not completely slammed with work, which can be a good and a bad thing. I enjoy working at my own pace and not feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, the more client work I have, the more productive and motivated I feel with regards to the growth of my business.

This is currently the schedule that works best for me, but it could always change a few months down the line depending on the direction I decide to take my business going forward.

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