What I've Watched Recently


I’ve devoted the last few months to really maintaining a certain level of productivity when it comes to my business, which means that I haven’t had that much time or energy to binge watch like I used to. However, there have been a few shows and movies that I’ve somewhat gotten into that I think are worth sharing for anyone else who might be struggling with their entertainment options. I never have and never will claim that I have the best taste in movies and shows. I like an eclectic variety to choose from, which is why the list below will probably seem random and not at all cohesive.

I’ll be honest right off the bat and say that the two series that I’ve been regularly watching are Killing Eve and Jersey Shore. Again, not at all thematically related, but both extremely enjoyable in their own right. If you’re settling in for a quiet night or feel like having a Netflix marathon this weekend, then here are a few movies and shows that I’ve watched and enjoyed.

  • Killing Eve

  • A Simple Favour

  • Cruel Intentions


  • Betting on Zero

  • HOMECOMING: A film by Beyonce

  • Exhibit A

  • Jersey Shore: Family Reunion

What have you been watching lately? I can always use some more suggestions.