Why It's Important To (Sometimes) Be Uncomfortable


I’ve always been someone that avoids discomfort at all costs. I’ve just never really understood the point of putting yourself in a scenario where you feel less than great only to then have to think back to it and cringe at something you might have said or done. However, after having spent the past year in a foreign country (one that I had never visited before I moved there) I’ve learned a few lessons about why it’s okay, and sometimes necessary, to put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

You Learn What You Are Made Of

I have this really bad habit where I don’t think I’m incapable of accomplishing anything that I want. Call it stunted adulthood, call it extended adolescence—whatever your term for it, it makes living life and feeling proud of yourself very difficult. Which is why I typically always stick to what I know and situations that I can expect the outcome of. It makes it easier to recognize bad decisions and avoid circumstances that I would regret later on down the line.

However, this practice never really taught me what I can and can’t handle when pushed to the brim. I had never really allowed myself to face difficult and unprecedented decisions head on before. So, when I was faced with them throughout the majority of last year, certain parts of me emerged. Parts that I didn’t realize where there and were much more capable than I expected them to be. In my moments of discomfort, my resilience and compassion stepped in to take care of situations that I had never before encountered, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

For The Story

As a writer I am inherently also a story teller. However, without any new situations that lead to scary decisions or difficult confrontations, I never really had any stories to tell. This made a lot of the creative writing I did feel stagnant and repetitive, especially when it came to my blog. Seeing as I produce mostly lifestyle and self-help content, I hadn’t really put myself in the shoes of people who might actually need the right advice to navigate uncomfortable situations.

Last year has refuelled my engine of ideas and allowed me to explore topics that I never really saw a need to before. Not only do I feel like the content I’ve been producing and the stories I’ve been sharing have helped some people, but I’ve also managed to help myself throughout the process, whether to heal or to push forward into new and uncomfortable territory.

It Allows You To Figure Out What You Want And Don’t Want Out Of Life

It’s really difficult to recognize your desires and dislikes when you don’t put yourself out there to experience them. Now, of course, there are general likes and dislikes that I know I have and probably always will, so I don’t need to be shoving myself in every uncomfortable situation to rediscover them. However, there were many questions that had never been asked of me with regards to how I want my life to look in the upcoming years.

Living abroad, for me, was the perfect way to figure out what I want and don’t want out of life because I was facing those questions every single day. From living accommodations to my career goals—I had to figure out answers to every new potential path my life could go down and understand why I wanted to explore it and why not.

Allowing yourself to be uncomfortable isn’t easy, but you might find that if you do it only a little bit at a time you’ll get used to the discomfort and learn your limits and boundaries going forward.