How To Get Things Done When Your Environment Isn’t Conducive To Productivity


Moving back in with your parents during a time of significant change isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving pieces in play that can really affect the way you live your life and maintain a level of productivity that makes you feel successful and in control. Seeing as I’ve recently moved back home after almost a year of living abroad, I thought I would share some insight into how I’m attempting to reach my goals in a less-than-ideal environment. From home renovations to old familial habits rearing their heads—we all might need a bit of help when it comes to navigating stressful spaces and maintaining productivity.

Cancel Out Noise

I am someone who needs pretty much complete silence or white noise to stay focused. Most people I talk to are fine working with music or even a podcast on, but that’s a nightmare for me. This is why moving back in with my family in the midst of home renovations has made it difficult to stay focused and get everything I need to done.

My main recommendation for anyone who might be struggling with this as well is to figure out a way to cancel out noise during your work periods. The easiest way is to get specific headphones that do this for you, but I understand those can be expensive or not practical for everyone. I usually put on some white noise from my phone or laptop in order to drown out any background sounds and allow my mind to stay on track. When your environment isn’t exactly how you imagined a work space to be, you sometimes need to get creative with how you make it as conducive to work as possible.

Make Your Space Comforting

If you’re like me and find yourself squished back into a childhood bedroom or other small space for a period of time, do your best to make it as comforting amidst chaos as you can. Light a few candles that help you relax or make sure that you declutter as often as necessary to keep your space organized. Little things often make a big difference over time, especially when it comes to anxiety-inducing patterns of behaviour that you feel trapped in. I’ve recently done a small bedroom makeover that’s allowed me to clear out old clothes and junk that I’d been holding onto for years. Now, I have a much brighter space that feels less overwhelming to look at and work in.

Roll With The Punches

Sometimes, no matter how much your try, your current living situations will never be ideal for your productivity. In those times, you should try your best to roll with the punches and accept that things won’t be perfect. Rather than dwelling on the struggle, make the most of the moments when you can be productive and use that time well. Keep any distractions out of sight during that time and have a pre-planned schedule of what you need to get done so you aren’t wasting your productive period wondering what it was you needed to do.