3 Necessities When You Work From Home


Anyone who knows me knows that working from home is the dream for me. Having access to a personal washroom, a kitchen with all your favourite food, and a comfy couch to sit on for your lunch break are just a few of the perks of running your own business and working remotely. However, after months of being within the same four walls for both work and personal time, I’ve learned that there are a few necessities you should have to make the experience that much more comfortable and efficient.

A Comfortable Setup

When I first started freelancing I spent a lot of time working from bed because—you know—I could. After a while though it was getting very difficult to separate work time from sleep time and I needed to create a space that I could devote my writing to. This setup will look different for everyone, but the main thing it has in common is that it is comfortable enough for you to get your work done, however long that may take.

For me, I need a wider desk where I can spread out my notebook and planner while still having my water, coffee, and stationary close at hand. I don’t like to feel cramped our have a hard time plugging in USB sticks or my charger because I don’t have any space. I also need to make sure that my chair can be easily adjusted to accommodate for my posture as well as making sure to elevate my laptop so I’m not constantly looking down and straining my neck.

Designated Work Time

When you work from home and make your own hours it’s so easy to forgo making a specific work schedule and planning out your day accordingly. I quickly learned that, just like any job, you need to have specific hours where you sit down and get things done. Everyone is different when it comes to productivity—some function better at night and others in the early hours in the morning. What’s important is that you find what time slots work the best for you and schedule your tasks that way. My best writing is done in the late morning, early afternoon so I make sure to be at my desk and ready to go when the mood hits. I’ll then use the surrounding hours to take care of any admin or tasks that don’t require as much focused writing.

Appropriate Work Clothes

The idea of getting dressed when you work from home might sound silly, but I am a firm believer in not being able to get work done until you put a bra on. What I mean by that is you need to wear something (whether that be a bra, a pair of jeans, or a nice top) that will remind you you’re at work. Staying in clothes that are too comfy will make it easy to just skip getting into the work mindset altogether. I find that creating a morning schedule where you designate a certain amount of time to “getting ready” has been great in keeping me in the work mindset even if my day doesn’t look like a traditional work day. I usually always stay in Lululemon leggings, but I always try to wear a different shirt every day and do my makeup or hair so that I feel a little bit more put together before I sit down at my desk.

What are your necessities for working from home?