How To Do A Proper Beauty Clear-Out


I recently had a bit of a beauty clear-out and it felt incredibly good to make some space on my already cluttered set of drawers. I tend to forget what I have in my collection or lose interest in some products then buy more without really considering what that will mean for my storage space and maintenance later on down the line. While I tend to have a beauty clear-out once every few months, it isn’t always easy. Half the fun of collecting makeup is that you get to revisit it and rediscover old favourites that bring you joy. However, that isn’t always sanitary and sometimes you just might be holding on to products for their sentimental value rather than how much use you get out of them.

For today’s post I wanted to discuss a few of my go-to steps for a beauty clear-out in order to make the process much easier. Like tearing off a bandaid rather than ruminating over the money you spent on products that you just don’t need in your life anymore.

1) Gather all your beauty products

I keep my products all over my bedroom in order to make the most of the space I have, so it’s hard to do a good beauty clear-out when you aren’t looking at everything you own and deciding what you actually like. I suggest collecting all your products, dumping them on your bed, and sifting through them one by one in order to really recognize what genuinely brings you joy and what’s just been hanging around for too long without purpose.


2) Go through what’s expired or what you haven’t used in a while

Anything that you don’t actually use or you shouldn’t because of its expiration date needs to be tossed out. I know, you probably spent a lot on some of those blushes or foundations, but at the end of the day, the formula has probably gone bad and won’t be giving you the best results anyway.

3) Be ruthless in your decision of what get’s to stay and what get’s to go

There’s really no point in holding on to some things in the expectation that you’ll get rid of it later on. Recognize what works for you and what doesn’t and be cut-throat in what deserves a place in you makeup drawers and what would be better off with someone else.

4) Aim to fit all your products in one specific space or container

The easiest way for me to have a successful clear-out is by aiming to hold on to no more products than I can actually fit in my makeup area. Once it begins to overflow I know that I’ve been buying too much to actually be able to use or holding on to old products.

5) Consider your future self and whether you might be interested in using a certain product again, but in a different season

Sometimes I get a bit clear-out happy and get rid of products that I actually like and want to use again. I never really consider my future self or the season in which I am doing this clear-out—typically I switch my products and formulas for the winter and summer months. So, be aware of what you think needs to go and remember that certain formulas work better in different climates.

How do you perform a beauty clear-out?

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