I'm Starting A Newsletter!


After years of hearing about the importance of starting a newsletter I decided it was time that I hopped on that bandwagon. It seems like everyone and their mother has a newsletter right now, but for a long time I never really understood what the point of one was if I was running a blog and putting out free content. However, after a bit of research and listening to a few podcasts about them later, I now understand that the easiest and most effective way to build a community and really connect with people online through my blog is by reaching out via email.

So, as of September 2019 I will be releasing either bi-weekly or monthly newsletters once I have enough subscribers on my mailing list. Seeing as I am putting out a lot of lifestyle content on my blog, I am currently working through what I want to offer in my newsletter that is different, yet still interesting for me to write and people to read. Right now, the topics I’ve decided on are:

  • A short essay related to either running a freelance writing business or a personal struggle that I think others can relate to on a deeper level—much more raw than the listicles I write for my blog

  • A list of links to articles and videos that I’ve discovered and have found incredibly interesting or helpful

  • A round up of my favourite posts I’ve put up throughout the month in case readers haven’t been able to keep up with them (we’re all busy, I get it)

I will also be releasing e-books later on in the year (once I write them, that is)—the one I am currently working on as I go through my own freelance business journey is a comprehensive breakdown of what goes into building a freelance business from the bottom up. I am currently a beginner (at least that’s how I see myself at the moment) so by the time I’m ready to write it I will have gone through all the trials and tribulations that come along with being a newbie.

The main reason I want to write and release this is because I wish I found something like it when I was doing all the research I could before diving into creating my freelance business. Most guides I’ve found online are either not detailed enough or are spread throughout multiple blog posts and difficult to navigate through if you are looking for concise steps. I want to be able to gain all the knowledge I can about the process and pay it forward like I wish other freelance business owners had done for me.

So, look out for those!

Now, all I need from you as a reader (yes, you!) is to sign up for my newsletter below, or let me know of any other topics you would like to receive in your inbox throughout the month. I’m hoping to get even as little as 10 subscribers so that I can begin curating some great content as soon as possible.