5 Ways I Want To Start My Day


Seeing as I’ve started my freelance journey again, this time with a fresh perspective and newfound motivation, there are a few ways that I want to begin my days that I haven’t been able to do in the past. Everyone has their own routine that makes them feel ready to take on the day ahead and I’m still searching for the one that’s right for me. Seeing as I don’t sit down at my desk until 10 am to start working, I have a fair amount of time in the early morning to begin practicing a new routine that I think will help me stay focused throughout the day.


I was meditating regularly back in November of 2018 after I suffered an ankle injury and needed some way to calm my anxiety. But since then I haven’t quite managed to keep a streak longer than a day or two so this is something I really want to pick up again. When I was doing it regularly I noticed that it was really helping to keep me focused throughout the day and clear my mind whenever I was going through a bit of anxiety. I usually do it right after I brush my teeth with the app Headspace for about three minutes—just enough time to keep me engaged without feeling like it’s just another chore. I also don’t want it cutting into too much of my time in the mornings—I don’t think I can ever be one of those people that meditate for an hour.

Fresh Air

The only thing I really enjoyed about going to an office job was the morning commute. Getting outside early in the day really helped me to wake up and get that boost of energy I need to sit down and work for the next few hours. Obviously, now that I work from home I really don’t need to be commuting, but I think it would be beneficial to got out for a quick walk around the area before I sit down at my desk. A kind of morning commute in its own way that will help me separate home time from work time.

Getting Ready

Anyone that I follow online who works from home always recommends getting dressed in the mornings as you would for any other job that’s out of the house. This is something that I do on occasion, but I want to turn this into a regular routine. Some days “getting ready” might just be a skin care routine rather than doing makeup and getting into a full on outfit. Whatever it might be, as long as I’m putting in the effort to separate myself from lounge time so that I can feel like I’m ready for work.

Sticking To A Schedule

This is something I really struggled with when I was working from home last year. Because you can basically start your day whenever you want to (provided you get all your work done) having a specific schedule isn’t really necessary. However, I’m taking the time to really notice what hours work best for which tasks and develop a schedule that will make me feel productive enough to get all my work done. For example, my best writing happens in the late mornings and early afternoons, so in order to use my time wisely, I do any admin work in the early morning and evenings so that any actual writing can get done when I feel the most mentally prepared. Going forward I want to stick to this optimal schedule as much as possible without allowing any distractions to seep in throughout the day.

How do you start your day?