Shows And Movies You Need To Watch If You Haven't Already


I’m always looking for new shows and movies to watch on a quiet night in, so why not share a few that I’ve enjoyed? Most of these have popped into my mind because of sequels in the works or my recent Netflix binge. They’re all pretty well-known, but I’m always happy to introduce them to anyone who hasn’t watched them yet.

Veronica Mars

This was my favourite show throughout high school even though I was late to the party. I started watching it after it was cancelled and since then, think about it constantly. Luckily, they are filming a fourth season and I couldn’t be more excited. If you love mystery, murder, drama, and romance, like me, then you’ll love Veronica Mars. Despite it being set in high school, I am still able to rewatch it from time to time and genuinely enjoy the acting and storylines.

John Wick

I know, a strange pick for someone who rewatches Sex and the City regularly, but hear me out! I love a good revenge story and John Wick is just that. Not to mention the action scenes are filmed so realistically and don’t make me cringe like most action movies do. This is the kind of movie you watch after a long day at work or if you’ve had a negative exchange with someone and need to blow off some steam without actually getting out of bed.

Queer Eye

I mean, who hasn’t watched this show? I practically watched both seasons in two days, that’s how much I enjoyed it. Not only do I love that it’s a realistic makeover show (not ugly duckling to swan), but it also approaches life and growth in a very tender and relatable way. Most people who don’t take care of themselves on the outside usually have something going on on the inside and that’s what needs to be tackled first. The personalities of the five hosts all compliment each other and feel very genuine on screen. I would recommend this for a day when you are feeling particularly sensitive and insecure.

Project Runway

This is another show I binged almost instantly. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop and was incredibly close to buying a sewing machine once I was done. Being a creative person myself, I loved the fact that you could watch budding designers do what they do and succeed at what they love. The process of conceptualizing an outfit and then creating it from basically nothing is so fascinating and inspiring to me. I can only hope that Netflix adds the rest of the seasons soon.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Oh gosh, okay, yes I binged this show in a weekend as well. I just have a lot of free time on my hands, I guess. To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting to like this show when I started it. I thought it would be too childish and cheesy, but I heard a lot of good reviews from friends and was intrigued by the very creepy, halloween vibe that I decided to give it a shot. I was instantly hooked. The storyline as well as the aesthetic were enough to keep me watching to the point where all I thought about was Greendale. I would recommend that anyone who likes creepy things to check this out, but maybe not right before bed. It can get a bit intense at times.

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

I had to throw in some true crime before I finished up this post. I haven’t been watching as much as I used to, but the most recent documentary that captivated me was one dedicated to Ted Bundy and his insane story. I didn’t know much about him before watching it and the timeline of events was wilder than I expected. I haven’t watched the recent movie about him, but I’ve heard that it doesn’t go as in-depth with his story as this documentary does. So, I would give it a go if you’re interested in true crime as much as I am.

What movies or shows do you think are absolutely necessary to watch? Seriously…I need to add more to my list.