My Writing Journey #12: Taking A Break

My Writing Journey #12: Taking A Break

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, primarily because I’ve spent the last few months not knowing where I want to go with my book. It’s been hard trying to find inspiration amidst working and also running my blog, but I feel that after a short break it has finally come back. I have slowly gotten back into writing a few flash fiction stories here and there, hoping to add them to my collection, but I’m waiting to accumulate a few more before I enter them into my Scrivener file. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing that word count change significantly, so I’m trying to hold off writing the stories out on my computer and am sticking to using a good ol’ fashion pen and paper for the time being.

After taking this fairly long break, I’ve decided to change a few things up that I think will help me incorporate my fiction writing into daily life so that I can have a completed first draft by the end of 2019. Here are a few things I’ve started doing lately and a few that I hope to do in the months to come:

  • Working from a notebook. I find it less distracting than working on the computer and allows my mind to run freely with a story idea.

  • Having a designated time for working on my novel

  • Carrying my notebook around with me when I leave the house. You never know when inspiration will hit.

  • Not questioning myself and my stories as much until I finish the first draft and get into the editing phase

  • Talking about my book more often with friends and on social media as a way to stay motivated to work on it

  • Possibly lessening how often I post on this blog. I don’t want to spend more time on here than working on my book and at the moment it does feel like my blog is taking up most of creative writing time.

  • Not holding back with the topics I want to explore in my fiction writing, fearing what readers will think when I finally do publish my book