A Little Life Update

A Little Life Update

I’ll just come out and say it—I’m writing this blog post about a month in advance, but it ties into the topic, I promise! Normally I would be writing this a few days before posting, but seeing as I haven’t done an update in a while and a lot has changed over here on Katerina Writes, I thought it would make sense to get one of these out as soon as possible.

2018 was a crazy year for me, as I’ve mentioned countless times before, but it’s finally come to and end and I feel ready to take on 2019 with a bit more enthusiasm and less anxiety about what the future holds. I have made it a point the last few weeks to put more effort into my blog by posting 3 days a week so as to maintain regular activity on my platform and build up my community. I’ve realized in the past 12 months that writing will forever be my passion and that, more than anything, I would rather write for myself than anyone else.

So, you might be asking, “Kat, what’s the game plan?”. As of now, I’ve decided that I want to spend the next few months really focusing on building my freelance writing business with my current clients, adding a few more, and, hopefully, be able to build my blog up enough to also be a source of income on the side. Furthermore, I want to grow my community enough so that when I’m ready to publish the collection of short stories I’ve been working on, there will be a few people invested in me and my voice to actually read and enjoy it. Ideally, my life in future years will look like this:

  • 20% working with other clients to build their brands

  • 50% focusing on my blog and making an income from meaningful collaborations

  • 30% Writing and self-publishing flash fiction books that will supplement any additional income I need

    Eventually, I will hopefully only have to rely on my blog and my personal writing, but that’s a far off dream at this point.

It doesn’t seem too complicated written out, but I know and am prepared for a lot of work that will have to go into making it happen. So, be ready for a lot more blog posts in the upcoming months where I will be talking about everything that interests me from movies, makeup, skin care, style, work life, interiors, mental health and much more. After my blog’s rebrand last year from Katsomething to Katerina Writes I realized that I wasn’t putting in as much effort as I had been a few years ago, which wasn’t looking good with regards to the engagement within my community as well as my numbers. I also had a bit of a hard time admitting to myself that I enjoyed blogging enough that I wanted to make it my job, thinking that it wasn’t as valid as more traditional jobs, and it’s taken me this long to realize how silly that is. We are in the age where everything can be a source of income and happiness, so why not take advantage of it?

Anyway, that’s where I’m at in early 2019—hopeful and ready to take on the year in my own, non-traditional way from a new country and new rules about how I want to live my day-to-day life. Wish me luck!