An Amateur's Novel Writing Process


I consider myself a writer, but that doesn’t mean I really have any idea what I’m doing when I finally sit down at my desk or curl up on the couch preparing to get a few words out. There is a lot of self-doubt, mistakes, frustration and, well, let’s just say I’m happy that there’s a delete key. However, after a few years of writing short fiction (mostly for fun) I’ve decided to compile my favourite pieces in a short book as a means of taking myself and my work more seriously.

At around 20,000 words it is way too short for any publishers to accept, so I decided self-publishing was the most appropriate way to go for this book. I am currently working on the first draft, finishing up a few stories before I’m ready to create a proof copy and edit from that then pass it on to some beta readers. Seeing as I’m very, very new to writing books (I previously published a young adult novella that I took down from amazon because I wanted to edit it again) I thought I would write a small post about my process writing a novel as an amateur.

  1. Drink coffee obsessively as a way to either inspire art or distract myself from my incessant imposter syndrome

  2. Work in bursts where one moment you love everything that is forming in your Scrivener document and the next questioning whether you should find another hobby.

  3. Read and when you’re not reading, scold yourself for it

  4. Repeatedly tell everyone that you’re working on a book and hope that your mind finally believes it

  5. Dedicated specific days to working on your writing and when those days come decide that you are more of a free-flowing writer who can’t confine herself to the societal structures of a weekly schedule

  6. Have the sudden urge to start a new project midway through your current one

  7. Scramble to get a few words down near the end of your scheduled writing day and loving what you’re mind pushed out with little to no inspiration