How I Create My Blog Content

How I Create My Blog Content

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, so I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of the processes. But, I remember when I first started I didn’t quite know what to talk about or how to even begin writing a post that would be interesting and aesthetically pleasing to myself and potential readers. After a few years of on and off regular blogging, I thought I would write a bit about my process for creating content and how I’ve built my blog up thus far.

Jotting Down Any Ideas, Good Or Bad

I try not to censor myself when I first start thinking up ideas. This tends to affect my creativity and doesn’t let me develop topics that might be more interesting than I initially think. By writing down everything that pops into my head without dismissing certain ideas as not good enough I let myself brainstorm without restriction and weed out the topics that I genuinely want to write about versus those that I think I should be writing about. I usually keep a notes tab on my phone with all my blog ideas and any time I get a new one I just jot it down in there so that I can look back at it whenever I need to prepare a new post. After a bit of time I am better able to distinguish whether the topic is worth using or if I should just move onto the next—having options is key!

Writing What I Like To Read

How I Create My Blog Content

At some point, in the middle of my blogging journey, I forgot what it meant to create work that I related to. I started writing posts that I thought others wanted to read, but that didn’t really inspire me and so I quickly lost interest in the process altogether. I now know that my best work is done when I am creating something that I would want to read if it was on someone else’s blog. I consider my online platform a lifestyle blog because I learned that when I try to limit myself to one topic or niche I no longer feel creatively free to blog about what I’m, into at that moment. Some weeks I’m on a makeup kick, others I want to focus on mental health and self-reflection—what I want to consume is what I want put out there for my readers to enjoy as well.

Create The Content, Then Take The Pictures

I find that the process of blogging is easier for me when I write the content first and then take the blog pictures to match what I’ve written about. If I’ve already taken the pictures, often what will happen is that I’ll forget the products I’ve photographed and write about other ones that may not have occurred to me when I was doing the photoshoot. This then leads to the content not really matching the photography, which tends to irritate me when I’m editing the post. I also find the photography aspect much more difficult than the writing part, so I usually leave it to the end anyway. However, every week is different and sometimes I have to quickly take pictures when the sun is finally out for a few hours before spending the evening writing a post. It all depends on the situation and environment.