My Workspace Essentials

My Workspace Essentials

Anyone who works from home knows that you need a workspace that is best suited to you. I am a creature of habit, so every desk I’ve had where I do all my work and creative writing is usually furnished with the same things that make me feel comfortable when settling in for a few hours and also bring me joy to look at throughout the day. I’ve moved places a lot the past few years, so every “office” space I’ve had has looked different, but with all the necessities to help motivate me throughout the day and keep me prepared for long hours curled up on my chair. Here are a few of my workplace essentials that never leave my side.

My Workspace Essentials

Lip Balm

For some reason, my lips are always dry, so that means I need to have lip balm close at hand when I’m working to avoid them get any worse throughout the day, especially during the colder months. My go-to has always been Vaseline—I always buy a huge tub and keep it on my desk to dip into every so often. But, I’ve also been using Carmex, an old classic, as well as Smith’s, which is basically just scented vaseline, but in a much more portable container.


I try my best to drink a lot of water throughout the day, and the easiest way to do that is by keeping a big glass or a metal tumbler with a straw that I can fill up and sip on for a few hours. For some reason, straws are more fun to drink out of for me, so I always try and use one when I get my desk ready in the mornings. Right now I’m drinking my water out of a big mason jar with a slice of lemon in it for some flavour and it’s helped me get in enough fluid to counteract all the coffee I ingest throughout the day.

My Workspace Essentials


I have been obsessed with stationery for as long as I can remember, so if I don’t have the right kind while I’m working it really affects my motivation. I have an issue with using the wrong kind of pens, so right now I’m loving’s Muji’s 0.38 line because it helps me to write incredibly neatly, as opposed to thicker ball point pens. I also need a good agenda that has both monthly calendars as well as weekly sections where I can plan out what my work week will look like at a glance. Sticky notes are also a must, because that’s pretty much the only way I remember things that I need to do.

Hand Cream

Much like my lips, by hands get super dry throughout the day, so I always need hand cream on my desk to apply fairly often. My favourite at the moment is by Soap and Glory, but Aveeno is also great because it moisturizes without being too oily.

A Candle

Sometimes you just need a little ambiance throughout the day, and that’s where candles come in. At around 3 pm, when the sun starts to set in London, I’ll light a candle for a cozier feeling while I’m working. Not only does it make the room smell great, but it also inspires a bit more creativity than just the overhead lights of my flat. I tend to buy the most affordable candles that I can, because the only scents I really like are vanilla and sandalwood, so that helps with decorating my space without spending an extravagant amount.