Products I Want To Use Up

Products I Want To Use Up

In a bid to save a bit of money while planning for a few trips around Europe, I am trying my best to use up certain products before I go and purchase more that are on my wish list. I have a bad habit of buying something that was recommended online or I’ve seen come up a few times and most of the time they don’t work for me, so I just end up buying something else. However, I’ve realized how wasteful that is, both for my bank account and the environment so I’m trying my best to use up products completely (unless they cause me any harm) before trying out something new.


I currently have two primers that I’m rotating between at the moment—Soap and Glory and The Ordinary. Both do their own thing and offer a bit of blurring when it comes to my pores, but I really want to try one of the Smashbox primers because I’ve heard really good things about them. I’m not one to wear a lot of liquid foundation throughout the day, but when I do I want it to stay on for a while and look as close to flawless as possible.


Products I Want To Use Up

Serum is something that I go on and off of in my skin care routine. There are so many different kinds that have all sorts of benefits for your skin, so finding the best ones for my exact issues is hard. However, I have really enjoyed The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid and hope to repurchase it now that I’m done with the bottle. However, I also have the Olay Daily Regenerating Serum sitting on my shelf that I haven’t used yet, so I want to get through that before I move back to The Ordinary. I also really want to give their salicylic acid serum a try as well for hormonal days when I break out the most.

Eye Creams

While I do really enjoy my current eye creams by CeraVe and Garnier, there are so many others out there that I also want to test out. I want something that’s more moisturizing than the ones I currently have while also having some colour correction if possible and maybe some anti-wrinkle properties. There are so many to choose from that it can become a bit overwhelming, so I’m just focusing on finishing up the ones I have now and will then do some research into a few that are better suited for my needs.

Body Wash

For the past few months I’ve been using the Soap and Glory body wash. While I do like the smell of it, I think there are a few others that I want to give a go that are easier to use (the pump always annoys me when I’m in the shower) and don’t cost as much for a relatively basic formula. Soap and Glory has quickly become one of my favourite drugstore brands since moving to the UK so I’m sure I’ll be purchasing some more of their skin care products, just maybe not the body wash when I’m all done with this bottle.