What I've Watched Recently


The last few weeks on this blog have been full of introspection, so I thought that for today's post we should lighten the mood and talk about a few movies and TV shows I've watched recently. These are only a hand full of titles that I've watched, but these are the ones I wanted to recommend to any other Netflix junkies out there because they're the shows and movies that have stuck with me either for their hilarity, incredible creativity, or just downright creepiness.

Evil Genius

I am all about the true crime fad going on right now and I jump on any new documentary on Netflix that delves into the stories of real and bizarre happenings. I'm not all the way done with this one, but it has been a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. The plot feels like something out of Stephen King novel - it's hard to believe that these are real events, orchestrated by real people. I'd give this a watch if you're into true crime, but dislike too much gore or darkness. This one is a bit more about the intricacies of personal relationships and heists. 

Personal Shopper

I didn't really know what to think about this movie based on the description and it was sitting on my Netflix list for a while before I finally decided to watch it. It's dark and creepy with a high-end fashion edge - you wouldn't think those all go together, but somehow they do. I also didn't know what to expect from Kristen Stewart, but I think she did a much better job than people give her credit for, especially with this kind of subject matter. While it is predominantly about the supernatural, it also poses the question of identity and who we are versus who we want to be in life. The main character constantly claims to be waiting and, in a way, we are all waiting for something - but what?



I'm not one for period pieces, but this show has captivated me with all it's drama and the beautiful Scotland landscape it's set in. Outlander is a romantic drama that does not shy away from discussing uncomfortable, yet necessary, points in any relationship with regards to trust, love, sex, and loyalty. Every episode is pretty crazy so once I watch a few in a row, I have to take a break and recover. 

Bob's Burgers

I really didn't expect to like this show at all because for a cartoon it wasn't very raunchy and didn't provide as much social commentary as other cartoons such as Family Guy or Rick and Morty. But, all in all, it is incredibly funny in it's wholesome quirkiness and always left me with a smile. This was the perfect show to throw on when I was running on the treadmill or preparing lunch because the humour is all in the dialogue. 


This is a bizarre movie, but that's exactly why I like it so much. It has to do with a monster in Korea and a woman struggling with figuring herself out in America. I really had no idea where that kind of plot would go, but it was incredibly interesting and creative, leaving me shocked at how powerful the end of the story really is with regards to the development of the characters. 

In Search of Fellini

This movie takes place in Italy and follows the story of a young girl, sheltered by her mother for most of her life, in search of a director whom she recently discovered. The plot discusses identity, loss, love, and the notion of what life is. Is it just the good, or does it necessitate some bad to revel at how marvellous it really is?

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

This, by far, is the most bizarre of all the movies I've watched recently. It discusses the notion of sacrifice in such a nuanced way that should be considered supernatural, but can't really be defined as that. The characters are monotonous, and yet the plot is so nerve-wracking because of the decisions they make and the outcome these decisions create. If you're willing to sit through 2 hours of one word sentences and unsettling music then I would highly recommend giving this one a watch.