A Little Life Update


The last few weeks have felt like an emotional rollercoaster ride, but I desperately want to get back into a steady blogging routine. I took some time off after rebranding and redesigning my website to focus entirely on my personal writing projects - a novel, short stories, and some creative non-fiction - but the lack of consistent blogging weighed heavily on me. Last week I put out a post about productivity and this sudden urge to blog more is due to the struggle I was having with my inability to balance work and life successfully. So, for today's post I'm going to give you a little life update, let you know where I'm at physically and emotionally, and where I hope to be on the coming months. 

For the past 6 months I have been spending every day doing some sort of writing, whether it be for work or for my personal endeavours. Writing has become such a big part of my life that I'm finding the need to fall back in love with it, which is crazy for a writer to say. I've lost a bit of my inspiration and I've been trying to change my perspective on my life now and the life I want in the future, in the hopes of coming to some sort of epiphany about what my true purpose is. Although, many Ted Talks have led me to believe that purpose is a hollow word and that we all have the power to give purpose to our own lives, not some external entity. And so, I am trying to come to terms with the fact that writing may not be my "purpose", but it is undoubtedly my passion and I don't want to lose that love affair I have with it. 


Writing is consuming my life

I'm getting ready to travel and then travel some more

I've mentioned it a few times before on this blog, but I am planning on moving to England to join my boyfriend. While that plan is a bit farther in the future, I am still planning on going over there to visit him for a few months before making the proper transition once I have all the necessary paperwork ready. However, before this adventure, he and I are also going to take a short weekend trip to Montreal, a Canadian city neither of us have ever been to before. I'm not the biggest traveler, mostly because it gives me a bit of anxiety to constantly be boarding airplanes, but I am excited to have a few things to look forward to in the upcoming months - one much bigger and more exciting than the other. He is visiting from England for about a week and a half, so we'll have a bit of time to enjoy Toronto together as well before he flies back for his work.

Travelling for me is mostly just eating as much delicious food as possible, so I'm saving my appetite for a lot of poutine and smoked meat followed by long walks around the city and through their famous gothic graveyards. Unfortunately, I think that the vacation time will make me lose some of that productivity I've been working so hard to gain back, but I do want to enjoy the summer as much as I can before I head over to England - not necessarily known for it's fantastic weather during the fall and winter months. 

I really don't know how I would be dealing with all the change that has happened the past 6 months without my weekly therapy sessions. I can't stress enough how much they have helped me and how everyone should give them a try even if they "don't need therapy". I've realized that many people view therapy as a sign of some sort of fault or deficiency, when in reality, therapy is just one of many tools to help us deal with the inevitable stresses of life. Some people use physical exercise, some people use reading - therapy is in the same category as those and shouldn't be looked down upon or shamed as a last resort. It has helped me work through so many triggers of anxiety that I didn't even know were there and gave me the tools to create support for when these triggers manifest themselves. While therapy isn't an absolute fix for anything, it is very useful to gain that introspection and self-awareness that not a lot of people have.  

Therapy Saved Me