My Go-To Summer Outfits


Summer weather is finally here in Toronto and I've been excited to share a few outfits on my blog, seeing as I rarely do any style posts anymore. I feel like I've finally crafted a personal sense of style that I feel comfortable and cute in without having to try too hard or follow any specific trends. While I do like trends as they come, it doesn't work well for me and my budget to always be buying clothes to keep up with them. Instead, I'd rather find pieces that speak to me and that I always feel confident in. The past year and a half has been a big learning curve when it comes to minimalism and thrift shopping as a means to save money while also saving the planet. 

For today's post I wanted to keep it simple and talk about a few style pieces that I've been loving this season. If you're looking for a very trendy, fashion forward style guide, then this is the wrong blog for you. I aim to keep my style clean and easy so that I can throw my clothes on - whether for casual or dressy occasions - and run out the door. I really don't like to fuss a lot with anything that involves my aesthetic and hopefully I can give a few useful tips to anyone else who wants to simplify their summer wardrobe. 


I love t-shirts because of how easy they are to wear and how cool just about anybody looks in them. My favourite t-shirts, however, are those that I've taken from my boyfriend because of their worn in look and feel. I can pair a good white or black t-shirt with pretty much anything and that's exactly what I've been doing this summer. They've been combined with my skinny jeans, my men's Levis, my skirts, even under a few of my strappy dresses. You really can't go wrong and I would recommend that everyone find a few good t-shirts that will last and hold on to them for as long as possible because their almost impossible to find these days. I try my best to thrift shop for most new additions to my wardrobe, but when it comes to basics, I've found it to be incredibly difficult, so I try to either re-use my boyfriend's shirts or track down a brand that creates durable clothing. 

Ideal Outfit:


Denim Bottoms

I, like many others, love a good pair of jeans. I have gone through so many in my life and there are only a few that have lasted years or have been of exceptional quality for an affordable price. The most impressive pair of jeans in my wardrobe are the pair of men's relaxed Levi's that I got for $10 at a thrift shop in downtown Toronto. I bought another pair (not sure what style) that I ended up turning into a pair of shorts and they've been the easiest outfit piece for summer. Honestly, thrift shops are the untapped resource of designer goods and yet so many people seem to be embarrassed to admit they shop at them or to even try. Not only have I found some great pieces in perfect condition, but I also feel great knowing that I am not contributing as much to fast fashion as I used to. Trends go out of style just as quickly as they come in and it gets pretty exhausting to both myself and the environment. There are only so many landfills that can hold all the discarded clothes we no longer like after 1 season. So, I've promised myself that going forward when it comes to jeans I will either thrift them, or find a pair from a brand that practices fair trade. It's the only way I can truly justify investing in clothing. 

Ideal Outfit:

Simple Dresses

And finally, simple dresses are always a staple in my summer wardrobe if only for the fact that I am too lazy to wear anything else in the extreme heat. One of my favourite strappy, floral dresses I found at a thrift shop (surprise, surprise!) and can't wait to wear it again once it gets a bit hotter out. While I don't wear dresses often, I absolutely love how easily they dress up a look, even if completely casual. They also offer the best of both worlds - comfort and aesthetics - without compromising my sense of style. I avoided dresses for a while because I thought they were a bit too feminine for my more recent aesthetic, however, I've learned how to play up the contrast between feminine and masculine in my outfits and I seem to fit comfortably between the two spaces. 

Ideal Outfit:

What are your go-to summer outfits?