I Was Published In A Magazine!


I wanted to pop up a quick post about my latest personal essay that was published in Blank Spaces Magazine. This is the first piece of writing I've gotten to see in print, so it's pretty exciting and I am incredibly proud to be slowly (but surely) getting my name out there.

'Our Soft Underbellies' is about my first experience with love and how it isn't exactly like how all those movies and songs tell you it is. I had a hard time letting my boyfriend in and also sharing myself with him, so it felt like a huge change in my mindset and lifestyle. I had to realize the hard way that romantic love changes you - it breaks you down and rebuilds you into someone else. Sometimes this new person is good, sometimes they're bad; other times they're indistinguishable. 

There's no right way to experience this kind of love, but what I've learned and stand by is the importance of as much communication as possible. Communication is like food for the soul - we need it in order to be satisfied at any level and there's no way around it. Without constant open and honest communication a relationship will whither and die because it isn't being watered. 

If you want to pick up a physical or digital copy of this month's issue and read my creative non-fiction piece, go here