My Go-To Summer Makeup


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I'm not the biggest makeup wearer. I also don't necessarily agree with wearing makeup every day, so you can understand why I'm hesitant putting up frequent beauty posts. However, sometimes I need a bit of a break from the more serious, mental health posts I write, and makeup provides just that. While I don't support the "Instagram" makeup trend that leaves you looking less like yourself and more like everyone else, I do like the creativity that goes into applying an interesting eyeshadow colour or immaculate eyeliner. 

But, this post is not going to be about that. Today I'm writing about the simple summer makeup I've been gravitating towards for the past few weeks. It's taken me a while to feel at ease with a makeup look, especially in the hotter months, so I'm happy that I've developed one I can turn to when in a rush or not feeling incredibly inspired. 


I know I've talked before about finding the perfect liquid foundation (since I'm not the biggest fan of them), but I think this is the PERFECT one for me. The Ordinary's Lightweight Serum foundation blends into my skin seamlessly and doesn't leave it looking like I'm wearing a mask. Not to mention that the shade range for yellow undertones with golden hues is exactly what I need and can never seem to find. It seems like all drugstore foundations have pink undertones and all high end foundations leave the skin looking flat. While I don't wear foundation every day, this one has been great for just dotting on any blemishes before I head out the door. The colour is dynamic enough so that there isn't a harsh line between where I've applied the foundation and my actual skin. I would recommend anyone with normal to dry skin and yellow undertones to give this one a try, if only for the extremely affordable price!


I love playing up my eyes, primarily because they are so big, but there are some days when I just want to pop on some simple mascara and leave it at that. This Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara has been doing the job by adding a little definition to my eyelashes without committing to a heavy look for the entire day. I haven't been a fan of the round, plastic wand in the past, but the shape and texture has grown on me with time and practice. I've discovered the perfect way to apply it so that my lashes are fanned out and defined. 


I've become a highlighter addict since I bought Glossier's Haloscope in Quartz. It's the perfect amount of shimmer without sparkle and leaves my skin looking dewy, not oily. I know that as soon as I pop this on, I'll look more awake and get a few compliments from those with a keen eye. I used to use the Mac powder highlighter, but compared to this one I've realized that it's far too glittery for the look I want to achieve. I want my skin to be reminiscent of hot summer days by the ocean, the sun hitting me in all the right places. I also don't shy away from putting it on my shoulders and collarbones for an extra pop in the sunlight. 


I love playing around with my lip colour with mattes and satins, but for the summer I tend to gravitate towards lip stains that won't feel too heavy throughout the day. My tried and true products for summer lips are the Revlon lip stains because of the colour range and their ability to last for hours before having to touch up. Berry tones are perfect for looking like your lips are a bit flushed in the heat or, perhaps, after a few sips of red wine. It's very reminiscent of the simple Parisian look that everyone and their mother has been emulating lately, and I'm here for it. The only problem with a stain is that once it's on, it's on for a while, so take the time to find a good colour for your skin tone.