How I Unwind When Feeling Anxious


Recently I've taken the step to recover from my unnerving anxiety by going to therapy. This has been a small step and one that I've been thinking about for a long time, but I am incredibly happy to have  taken it. The rest of the journey lies in myself and how I approach confrontations and handle situations when they become stressful. For today's post I wanted to discuss how I plan to deal with anxious times and unwind when they arise, just to hold on to my mental and physical well-being. 

Take A Breath

The first thing I try to do when recognizing that I might be getting a bit too anxious is just breathe. It's amazing how much of a difference oxygen can have on your mood instantly. I find it important to tune into your body and see what it's doing, noticing the areas that are tense and trying to let them relax. Breathing is a great tool for allowing your body to readjust and prepare itself to move forward and face whatever conflict is causing it distress. 

Have Some Fun

It's very easy for me to slip into isolation when feeling anxious, blocking myself off to other people and avoiding enjoying myself. I tend to fall into patterns of habitual behaviour and that quickly becomes mentally exhausting in itself. So my goal moving forward is to try and nudge myself in the direction of having a bit more fun when I feel like I might be pulling away from friends and enjoyment. And by fun I don't necessarily mean going out and partying, because that's not really who I am, but rather doing something that I genuinely enjoy spending my time on. It could be going for a walk around a pretty neighbourhood or for a nice dinner with a friend - something to show myself that fear and anxiety does not have to control my life when things get tricky. 

Aggress My Environment & Show My Intent

My biggest problem is not being able to express my intentions and following through with the actions necessary to achieve them. I have all this energy that I want to put towards things, but out of fear of failing, instead of going out and attempting certain things I turn that energy back in on myself and remain stagnant with my desires. Going forward what I really want to do is articulate my genuine desires and then take steps (even if small) to eventually get to them. This will mean having to ignore some of the unnecessary red flags and alarms that my anxiety sounds when it notices me trying to achieve difficult things, but with time and practice I know it'll become easier and the end goal will be that much more worth it. 

Be Less Negative

There are times where I use negativity as a way of protecting myself from disappointment. If I expect the worst and if it actually happens it won't be as devastating as if I was expecting it to go well. This habit prevents me from really being happy and feeling fulfilled because I'm not doing the most that I can to be who I want to be, both personally and professionally. So, my goal for this year is to go for whatever I want, unapologetically, and with a good, excited attitude. I want my positive energy to attract, or at least instigate, some positive results and reduce my fear going into certain projects.