My Writing Journey #5: Getting Back Into Writing


As I mentioned in my last writing post, I decided to take a bit of a break from my novel and any other creative writing projects (outside of this blog) for a bit of time. I figured that after focusing on them heavily for the past 2 months, it was time to just step away and let all my ideas and creative juices replenish before getting back into writing. I find that I tend to fall into things very quickly, expend all my energy on them in a short amount of time, and then lose interest and move onto something else. I didn't want this to happen with my creative projects because they are such a big release for me, especially when I am able to share them with others. The term "relatable" has become a bit overused these days, but that's exactly the kind of work I try to produce - things that others can relate to on a deep, humanly level. 

So, my strategy to get back into writing is to first start by reading. That is the easiest way for me to become inspired to create art of my own. I want to have a reading schedule every day where I just take some time - either during the day or at night before bed - to pick up my current book (Call Me By Your Name) and go through a few pages. Once I get back into that habit I want to create a schedule for my novel writing days and my personal essay writing days. The novel will be a long-term project, while, on the other hand, I am writing and submitting personal essays to literary magazines every few weeks. I want to branch out and dabble in all sorts of forums rather than put all my energy into one and get tired of it. 

Furthermore, I want to continue blogging daily in this journal-ish type style. Lately I've been writing my posts in bed after breakfast with a cup of coffee and that's kept me incredibly motivated. Also, not putting too much pressure on myself to be constantly taking new pictures and producing very magazine-ish posts has really made me fall in love with blogging again. So, look out for more of those in the next few weeks. I would rather write short, heart-felt posts every day rather than long, thematic posts once a week and lose momentum. 

How do you get back into writing?