My Writing Journey #2: Organization


The hardest part for me in this journey to writing my novel has been getting organized - or just finding the motivation to get organized. It's easy to daydream about your story and your characters, but it's an entirely different thing to actually sit down and plan out what will happen to them and how they will show the reader what they're made of. I think the main reason why I've been so hesitant to really organize this process is due to the fear that I am not going to capture the essence of the characters and the environment like how I envision them to be. By putting it down on paper I am committing in a sense to a certain description of them and I don't know if I will ever truly be happy with it. 

A writer that doesn't like their writing - what a shock! 

But I'm sure many people like me who are still in their sophomore stage of writing (according to Writing Fiction for Dummies) will feel this insecurity and indecisiveness towards what they are trying to create. The main goal at the moment is to just push forward and get organized enough so that I actually have a few pages of a manuscript that I can then thoroughly hate before the editing process. 

This is why I decided to invest in Scrivener, something that most Youtube videos and blog post say is necessary software for the scatterbrained writer. And they were right! I've only been using it for a day so far, but it's really gotten me motivated enough to start on my outline and a few character sketches. If you don't know what Scrivener is, it's basically a digital binder and cork board that lets you see your project and all it's moving parts at a glance. You can break chapters down into scenes and your entire manuscript into as many parts as you need to to feel like you are able to get going with your writing. So far it has really helped me in wanting to actually prepare the outline that I will use to write the entirety of my novel in the next few months. 

How do you stay organized when writing?