My Daily Routine As A Freelance Writer


I've always loved watching daily routine videos and reading daily routine blog posts, so I thought I would create one of my own. Seeing as I am now focusing full-time on writing, it's the best opportunity to breakdown my daily schedule for anyone interested or who might want to curate their days similarly.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


I usually wake up around 8 am and immediately go down for breakfast. I'm not someone that can ever miss breakfast because I find that it leaves me groggy and unable to focus the rest of the morning. Once I'm done eating I usually make my first cup of coffee for the day (there will be more) and head back upstairs to my bedroom where I'll be spending the rest of the day.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are days I work at my part-time job where I write content for various blogs. So, on these days I typically only focus on work - planning out post ideas, drafting up articles, Skype meetings with my team, etc. Being a freelance writer that works at an hourly rate, you never know how long your days will be, so I like to devote them specifically to work unless something comes up and I need to shift this schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


After I've working on a few articles or editing in the morning, I typically take my lunch break at around 12:30. No specific reason other than that my stomach starts to grumble around this time. I'll usually take an hour break (or more if I feel exhausted that day), watch a few episodes of a show (currently it's Bob's Burgers) and take my time eating lunch. 

Once I'm ready to get back into my work I'll make another cup of coffee, sit back down at my desk and continue working and editing the articles I've planned to write for that day, making sure to save them in appropriate folders so that I don't lose them or get confused since I end up writing so many throughout the week. 


I'm not incredibly motivated to work in the evenings, so I try to get all my work done when the sun is still high and bright. But, of course, there are some days where I need to work later than usual. On a night when I don't need to work incredibly late I will usually close down my laptop for a bit, have some dinner, and try to read. I try to read at least once a day, just to get those creative juices flowing, but sometimes I don't the opportunity or the urge. Some night's I'll opt to curl up in bed with a mug of tea and watch a movie instead. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays


These days are currently devoted to my personal writing. I'm fortunate enough at the moment to be able to afford working part-time (since I moved back home with my parents) and focus on building my writing career. These mornings are pretty much the same as Mon, Wed, and Fri - again, I need my breakfast or else I can't function. 

Once I've finished breakfast I'll usually climb back into bed with my coffee and watch a few Youtube videos or write a blog post (as I am right now!) before getting up and changing into my loungewear. I'm not the kind of person that can spend the day in my Pjs, even my day off. I need to at least put on a pair of leggings and a bra to feel at all productive. 

Some mornings, if I'm feeling inspired I'll start working on a creative non-fiction article that I plan to submit. But, usually, I stay up too late the night before and feel too sleepy to dive right into that. I need to write with a clear head and at least two cups of coffee in me. 


Once I've done some writing, or fully woken up, I'll change into my workout clothes and hop on the treadmill for a quick run at around 11 or 12. I try to stick to a small workout routine on my days off, just to keep my stress levels down and to strengthen my legs that spend most of their days in a chair. Once I'm done my run I'm usually be incredibly hungry so I'll have my lunch and then shower so that I can sit down an focus on my writing. 

The rest of the afternoon is spent working on a personally essay that I plan to submit shortly and slowly, but surely, planning out my next novel. Creative writing isn't easy, even if it might seem that way, so I like that I can devote certain days to just focusing on that and motivating myself to get portions of those projects complete. 

If you haven't read my first young adult novel Laughing at a Funeral, check it out here!


On these days I like to make plans in the evenings, either see friends and do something with family, provided the weather is nice. We just had a major snow and ice storm in Toronto, so I haven't felt very motivated to get out of the house. If I don't end up going out, I just take advantage of the extra reading and movie watching time. My life isn't incredibly exciting at the moment as I try to save money for my move to England, but I enjoy it and it works for me. 

What does your daily routine look like?