Adjusting To A Freelance Lifestyle


As of December 2017 I've been a freelance content writer that works remotely from home. Now, almost done my third month of it, I can look back and discuss some of the lifestyle changes I love and hate about this kind of position. For anyone else out there looking to move their careers from in-office to at home, this post will be a quick look into what could be in store for you once you do. This kind of lifestyle isn't for everyone and I'm glad I took the time to read other blog posts discussing it so that I could get a bit of an understanding myself. 

Coffee Is A Must

Once I started working from home I realized how easy it was to fall into the habit of working from the couch and getting too sleepy or lazy to actually get work done. I started forcing myself to sit at a proper table to power through the tougher projects and that kind of motivation required a few cups of coffee to keep me going. This was especially necessary for the early morning and late afternoon when I felt like winding down and just watching a movie. 

Not everyone drinks coffee, but that was what kept me going as the weather dipped much too far below 0 degrees and the repetitiveness of the position was still unfamiliar. After a few months of acclimating to my new schedule I've managed to find what times and productivity boosters work best for me - coffee being the most important. 

Don't Isolate Yourself


I am a major introvert, so you can probably guess how excited I was to now be able to work from the same place I enjoy spending most of my free time. With the weather being so vicious in January, I couldn't wish for anything better than remaining in doors in my slippers while still making an income. However, I began to feel the effects of this isolation after a few weeks and they began weighing on me. I was no longer taking the initiative to meet with my friends or my boyfriend in the evenings because it felt unnecessary to leave the warmth of my house. Without a job that required me to actually get dressed and go out I couldn't just casually pop over to a bar after work. It felt like an ordeal and that mindset was very burdensome. 

I really haven't figured out what the solution is to not feel isolated when you live alone and work from home, but ever since moving back to my parents' house and having the daily stimulation by my family, I've noticed a shift in my mentality and productivity. Sure, I lock myself away in my bedroom for most of the day while I'm working, but can also pop downstairs for a quick chat and some homemade food as a mood booster.   

Work Out If You Can

The biggest mistake I made since moving out was stopping my workout routine. This made an incredible difference to my overall mood, self-image, and productivity - much more pronounced when I started working from home. Now that I have a treadmill in the basement of my parents' house and can workout whenever I want to with ease and convenience, I realized how vital getting a good sweat going is to just functioning as a person. Again, every one is different, but the effects of working out in some way seem to be universal - it could be running, yoga, cycling. You name it.

The point is to make your body work as hard as your mind does so that both are on the same page. One of the best forms of stress relief is cardio and living a freelance lifestyle can be incredibly stressful at times. It's been two weeks now that I've started and stuck to a fitness routine that works for me and I couldn't be happier. My mind is clear and my body feels better than it had in all of 2017. 

If you work from home, how do you deal with it?