Little Loves


I feel like I've barely had any time this month to think up some blog posts. I've been so busy with packing and moving back home that I just don't feel settled enough to start blogging properly, but I do hope to have a good routine again once March arrives. I thought I would keep it simple this week and talk about the few things that I've been enjoying lately from style to beauty to the every day. I love hearing what others are getting enjoyment from, even if they're mundane or "boring", so let me know in a comment. I'm always looking for something new to try out. 

1) Reading

I've been reading (and buying books) way more this past month and it's really made a difference for my mood and my creativity. I feel inspired to write fiction again and that's something I lost when I wasn't reading a often as I could have been. I think it's a rut that people tend to fall into, especially now that TV and Youtube content is so prevalent. I've finally dedicated some of my time during the day to just sitting down and reading a few pages from a book. I recently finished Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage By Alice Munro and have just started Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys. What are you reading?

2) Decluttering

I've mentioned this a few times on the blog the past few weeks, but I am moving back home, like, incredibly soon. So, my time between work and hanging out with friends has been spent on decluttering mine and my boyfriend's apartment so that I can move back to my parent's house and he can move to England. It's crazy to see how many things I've accumulated throughout my year and a half living here without even realizing it. Luckily, we don't have as much as some people (we like to consider ourselves minimalists-ish) so the transition of my stuff back into my old bedroom and his stuff to friends and family was pretty easy. It's also been refreshing to purge my wardrobe and decor of what I no longer use or care about. 

3) Fiction Writing

In the past few weeks I've gotten back into my first love, which is fiction writing. I remember the days before social media had hijacked our lives and held us hostage for likes and follows where I'd spend most of my time reading and writing. Most of my writing then was either journaling (which is something I still do and advocate for every one to do) or fiction writing--stories derived from random thoughts, dreams, or even real life moments. One of my main goals for 2018 is to get published in a literary journal and that would require some much needed time spent just writing stories and sparking up that side of my creativity once again. So far I've managed to get a few pages written, but I hope to make it a routine that I can keep up for years to come. 

4) Warmer Weather

If anyone else reading this blog lives in Toronto then you know that it's finally begun warming up ever so slightly and I couldn't be happier. Sure, it's rainy and muggy, but at least my fingers don't feel like they're going to fall off from the short walk to the bus stop. The thought that spring is quickly approaching and the weather is incrementally moving higher and higher over 0 degrees is really motivating me to get out of the house, buy some cute clothes and write to my heart's content. 

5) Face Masks

So, my skin has been a mess the past few months and I'm pretty sure that is all due to eating poorly and not working out. I've had some crazy breakouts on my cheeks and chin and constant acne all over my forehead--needless to say, it hasn't been fun. However, two Origins face masks have been saviours for my skin this winter and I don't know what I would have done without them. The one targets those nasty breakouts and the other cleans and closes pores to avoid them in the future. If you don't have a lot of money to spend and want to make a good skin purchase, then I would highly recommend these masks as they will make a significant difference to your skin with just a small application. 

What are your little loves?