4 Tricks I Use To Stay Motivated

4 Tricks I Use To Stay Motivated

Motivation is something that I can lose and gain fairly quickly, trying my best to ride the wave when it’s there. But, when it’s gone I get pretty down about myself, thinking that I should be forcing myself into a mindset that isn’t as easy to find when you aren’t in the right headspace. Rather than beat myself up for not feeling motivated, instead I’m trying to figure out the best ways to maintain my motivation once it’s there so that I don’t have to go searching for it if it leaves. Here are a few methods that have been working for me so far and have helped me stay on my game this past month.

Good Lighting:

Lighting makes such huge impact on my performance throughout the day, especially since it gets dark super early in the UK during the A/W months. What works best for me is to have my desk set up by a window so that I can take in as much natural light as possible throughout the day and then light a candle and use softer lighting when it start to get dark. The harsh lights in my flat tend to make me feel kind of lethargic so I try to keep it warm and fuzzy when I’m working in the evenings.

Getting Dressed For The Day:

I can’t express how much of a difference I’ve felt when it comes to my motivation if I get dressed in the mornings as though I were going into an office to work. Okay, so I don’t wear jeans because those are just plain uncomfortable, but I do wear leggings rather than my pyjamas and I will try to put on some makeup so that it really feels like I’m out of the house rather than in my living room. If I stay in my pyjamas it will just feel too relaxing and my mind won’t get prepared for a day of work.

Taking Necessary Breaks:

I often hear people talk about how they work through their lunch breaks or forgo taking any breaks at all throughout the day and that just does not work for me if I’m trying to stay motivated to keep working. I need to take breaks every few hours in order to re-charge and remind myself that it’s not all about work. I’ll eat my lunch in a separate area from my desk so that it truly feels like I’m in a break room and I will allow myself to go out for a walk once a day so that I can breathe in some fresh air and clear my mind before getting back to work.

Thinking Of The End Goal:

The end goal is something I quickly lose sight of if I’m feeling overwhelmed with work or life. The easiest way for my motivation to dwindle is when I start questioning what the purpose of certain tasks are or what the point is if I’m just going to change my mind later on down the line. I tend to lose interest quickly and will often find myself gravitating toward other interests if I get fed up with the current one I’m working on, so I’ve made it a point to keep reminding myself of my end goal. It’s different for everyone, but it can be as simple as making $100 a month from your side-hustle, having enough to money move into your own place, or building up your small business to have a certain amount of clients.

It’s important to keep this goal in mind so that you can remind yourself why you are putting in so much effort in the first place. Jot it down on a sticky note and keep it near your desk or write it in your journal as you reflect on your feelings—just reminding myself as often as possible is what seems to work for me and keeps me going with my endeavours.