My Current Skin Care Routine

My Current Skin Care Routine

Skin care is a routine I’ve been doing since I was in middle school and started getting acne after hitting puberty. I’ve always had fairly clear skin, so I don’t have to worry too much about it, however, I will get some nasty pimples during any hormonal imbalances or if I’m not moisturizing my skin enough throughout the day. Seeing as I change my routine up every once in a while and incorporate new products into my collection, I thought I would write up a quick post about what I’m currently doing to take care of my skin and discuss a few of the cleansers, creams, and masks I’ve enjoyed using the past little while.

La Roche-Posay Cleansing Cream

My Current Skin Care Routine

This is a relatively new addition to my skin care routine because once I moved to the UK I could no longer find my usual Biotherm cleanser. When I went on the hunt for a new one I knew that I needed something that would take off all my eye makeup as well as cleanse my skin and get it ready for the rest of the products I’d be using before bed or after my morning shower.

La Roche-Posay is a fairly notable company in the skin care world so I decided to give them a try for the time being. So far, I’ve liked the cleanser as it doesn’t leave my skin extremely dry after use, but also removes all my makeup. I use about two pumps, lather them up with warm water and gently rub my face without tugging too hard and causing irritation around my eyes.

Garnier Micellar Water

I don’t always use a Micellar water, but sometimes it’s necessary if I am wearing particularly stubborn eye makeup that just won’t come off with my cleanser. I’ll also use it to wipe down my T-zone as I find that makeup tends to stick to the dry skin around my nose and doesn’t come off as easily during my cleansing routine. I used to use the Bioderma micellar water, but I just couldn’t justify the price for multiple purchases, so I opted instead to go with Garnier as I’ve heard great things about the product.

Garnier Face Masks

I love a good mask, whether in the mornings or at night before bed. I recently picked up the charcoal 3-in-1 and matcha detox masks from Garnier and I just can’t get enough of them. Both are designed to clear your pores, however the matcha one is a bit more soothing for irritated skin, I find, whereas the charcoal mask can also be used as a scrub and has fine grains in it. I tend to alternate between the two throughout the week, but I have noticed a significant improvement in the amount of blackheads I have on my nose, which is exactly what I was hoping for when buying the products.

Eye Creams

My Current Skin Care Routine

Eye creams are a product I never really used until very recently. I wanted to minimize the look of dark circles as well as de-puff in the early mornings so I picked up two that have been working fairly well for me. The Garnier rolling eye cream is perfect for soothing the under eyes and hydrating when when you just feel a bit glum, while the CeraVe eye repair cream has helped to decrease my dark circles and add even more moisture. I tend to use the Garnier one in the mornings as a wake-me-up and the CeraVe one at night, kind of like an eye mask, before bed.

Reversa Anti-Spot Cream

I’ve been using this cream for a few months now and find that it is one of those useful, but not always necessary products. It’s great for decreasing any discolouration from acne scars, but since I don’t get that too often I don’t have to use much of it. However, it works fantastically when I do need it and I would recommend it to anyone that has this issue more regularly.


I’ve spent a lot of my life searching high and low for the best moisturizers and I think I’ve found the right ones for me. Right now I alternate between Pond’s and Neutrogena—one for intense moisture and the other for SPF protection throughout the day. I’ve been using these for the past few years and don’t think I’ll be straying away from them any time soon, especially since they both sit wonderfully under my daily makeup. And, both are fairly affordable, which is exactly what I was looking for considering most moisturizers are at least $40.