Four Ways To Stay Motivated When You Start A Blog


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Starting a blog is incredibly exciting, especially if you intend to turn it into a career. But, like with almost everything else in life, it can get tiring, and sometimes even boring, which can cause you to lose motivation. Publishing your first, second, and third posts can give you a huge sense of accomplishment, but once you have to start writing new content every day, it can start to feel like a chore. I’ve gone through this slump many times in my blogging journey. Since you’re reading this, I assume that you’re having some trouble staying motivated, so here are some ideas to help you out.

1.         Create Content You Enjoy

If you’re not blogging for you, then you’re going to get burnt out, so it’s important to write about what entertains you and what you’re passionate about. Sometimes you can even get sick of writing, so it’s at this point that you need to start switching up your content. Rather than just publishing blog posts, take captivate classes and learn how to make quizzes, film videos, and post interviews. This will keep your blog interesting for you and your audience. I’ve dabbled in Youtube myself over the past year.


2.         Write Down Your Ideas

You never know when inspiration is going to strike, so when it does it’s absolutely essential that you write down your ideas. Trust me, ideas for posts can come to mind at the most random of times, and you’re not going to remember all of them when you need to, so write them in the notes of your phone or carry around a blogging ideas notebook and pen. Then, when you’re stuck for an idea, you can go back to your list, and pick an idea that interests you.

3.         Set Aside Some Time

One of the most enticing things about a career as a blogger is that you can work if, where, and when you want. This means that you can work in bed at three o’clock in the morning if you want, or you can just not bother for a day or two. Unfortunately, if you stay in this mindset, you will keep procrastinating and putting off working until your blog’s engagement decreases dramatically, by which point you won’t want to bother at all. To avoid this, set aside some time each day, and make sure that you get some work done, even if it’s just brainstorming ideas for future posts. This will help with motivation in the long run.

4.         Celebrate Your Accomplishments

One of the worst parts of being a blogger is that you don’t have a boss to tell you that you’re doing a good job every so often. Because you don’t have this, you have to do it yourself. Whenever you hit a certain amount of likes or reads on a post, or make a certain amount of money, make sure that you celebrate by treating yourself. This will motivate you to accomplish larger goals.

Blogging is great, but it isn’t all fun and games; There is a lot of work that needs to be done to turn it into a successful business. Staying motivated and getting work done is difficult, so I hope the tips above can help you out on your journey.

What are your blogging tricks for staying motivated?