Little Loves


It's that time again - posting about all the mundane, yet incredibly impactful things happening in my life at the moment. I've enjoyed taking the time throughout an otherwise stressful, work-filled week to just be thankful and appreciative of the little things that make me happy. I noticed that 2017 made me a bit jaded towards others and their achievements, ultimately making me unsatisfied with what I had or was experiencing and that's not a great feeling. For the rest of 2018 I want to take every experience - whether bad or good - and really let it sink in and change me as a person. 'Change' seems to be the motto of 2018 and I am fully embracing that. 

1) Spending Time With Friends

This past winter I got into the lousy habit of not leaving my apartment. I mean, it was -20 degrees almost every day this winter, so I can't really blame myself and my anti-social behaviour that much, but it really took a toll on me and my willingness to spend time with others. Of course, I live with my boyfriend so I get most of my human interaction from him, but he's at work for most of the day and typically goes out after to see his friends or to the gym.

Needless to say, planning nights out or weekend lunch dates with friends has really changed my perspective on the new year. This is also imperative to do since I'll be moving out of the country later on the year and won't see them for a while. 

2) Warmer Weather

As mentioned above, the warmer weather here in Toronto feels like we're finally on the brink of spring...kind of. It's just been so miserable this whole winter; it was impossible to just go out for a calming walk without returning with red, frozen legs. I resorted to just spending all my time indoors, watching Youtube vlogs (shout out to Lucy Moon)  and that didn't do my mental health any favours. 

Now that the temperature has risen to above 0 degrees (basically summer for us Torontonians) I'm excited to get back into the habit of going out for walks to de-stress or take some blog photos. It also makes traveling to and from work so much easier and enjoyable. 

3) My New Job/ Working From Home

I've mentioned this before on my blog, but January 18 marks a month that I've been working at my new remote content writing position - the key word here being "remote". It's probably evident now why I was able to spend so much time at home and I'm definitely not complaining about it. Actually, I'm rejoicing. When I left my office job last year I set it in my mind that I wanted to find a writing job that I could do from home, whether that was focusing on my blog or being employed by a company, and it's panned out just how I wanted. 

4) Lana Del Rey

Last Monday I got to see my queen in concert and it was as amazing as I had expected. I discovered Lana Del Rey about 5 years ago at a time when her music and the topics she discusses really resonated with me and my mindset. Ever since then she has been my go-to artist when I'm feeling slightly melancholic or romantic. I'd highly suggest giving her music a listen if you haven't already. It's so etherial and beautiful - it'll be in your head for days.  

5) Fiction Reading/ Writing

For the past little while I stopped reading as much as I would have liked to and it really made a noticeable difference in my level of inspiration and my mood. Since December I have made it a habit to read a bit before bed every night just to stay consistent even if I'm busy throughout the day. It's made a big difference and has even inspired me to get back into my fiction writing. I used to write fiction all the time before I started my blog, but slowly fell out of love with it until recently. If you want to read a current story I'm working on or a past novel I've written check out my Wattpad account here and my Amazon Kindle book here! 

I'd love to know what your little loves have been lately.