Current Makeup Routine


I can't believe that I didn't post anything on my blog last week, but you know how it goes this time of year - so little time so much to do. What with starting my new freelance writing position and planning for the big move to England, things have been quite stressful on my end, but exciting nonetheless. 

For today's post I wanted to talk about something more lighthearted than my usual self-awareness topics and discuss my current makeup routine. I've recently discovered the wonders of playing around with eyeshadows so these past few weeks have allowed me to come up with an everyday look that is reminiscent of French movies with a bit of a contemporary twist. 

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Make Up For Ever Foundation

This product was my first real foray into liquid foundation. I always used to hate the idea of thick cream instead of powder, thinking that it'll make me look like I have the dreaded cake-face, but I've grown to enjoy the consistency and translucence of this product. I wanted something that would smooth out my skin tone, but still make me look like me, and this does just that. I'd recommend it for anyone who doesn't suffer from a lot of acne or discolouration and enjoys letting their natural skin peek through. 

Modern Renaissance: 'Golden Ochre'

It was a risk buying this palette since I rarely wear eyeshadow, but I've been obsessed with it since I go it. It's allowed me to be a bit more creative with my makeup and actually practice some application skills for nights out or special occasions. For my daily makeup I've been using the shade 'Golden Ochre' all over my lid for a subtle yellow tone that's completely matte. It's not incredibly colourful, but it adds some depth and dimension to my lids when paired with the rest of my eye makeup. 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I've been loving the combination of this liner with the 'Golden Ochre' shade. It evokes such an old Hollywood look - dreamy but still simple. Honestly, anything that has me looking more like Lana Del Rey is what I aim for, really. I will always pair this intense liner with an equally intense mascara and that's 'Better Than Sex' by Too Faced. The combination creates the perfect sultry look. 

Hourglass Blush In  'Mood Exposure'

This blush has been a tried and true for me. I've been using it for almost a year now I think and it's the perfect subtle pinky brown for my skin tone. While it is a bit pricey, I've barely made a dent in it and it's been in my makeup routine for the past few months. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high end brand with great pay off. 


MAC 'Soft & Gentle' Or Glossier Haloscope In 'Quartz'

For highlighter I typically rotate between the two, depending on what look I'm going for. If I want a more dewy, natural finish I'll use Glossier, but if I want something a bit brighter I'll use MAC. Both are great and worth a try, especially if you've never dabbled in highlighter before. 

Glossier Boy Brow

I was using Mac's brow kit for the longest time, but I have to admit that I really like the waxy consistency of Glossier's product. My eyebrows never seem to want to stay in place so it's an effective way to tame them while also adding colour. 

MAC Lipstick In 'Taupe'

This has been my favourite lipstick at the moment because of how matte it is. The colour is a cool-tone brown and goes well with pretty much any eyeshadow shades I use. I never used to like matte lipstick as I always found them to be drying, but this is super creamy and makes my lips look a bit fuller.

What is your current makeup routine?