I've always been a MAC girl when it comes to lipstick, however as the years go on I've found myself gravitating towards NYX. Maybe I'm falling for all the hype, but there's usually a reason for why certain brands become popular and I think I've figured out why I've slowly become obsessed with NYX when it comes to lipsticks. As fall approaches I find myself wanting to reach for bold lipsticks more and more and seem to be always reaching for my favourites from this brand despite the many others I own, so I thought it appropriate to write up a little ode to NYX. 

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I'd be lying if I said the price of an item doesn't play into effect when I'm looking at brands. I understand that some products are better than others and the higher prices can be worth it, but sometimes you come across a brand that really doesn't try to sneak one past their customers. I assume they save a lot of money on the plastic packaging, but that factor doesn't deter me from their products since I know I am getting what I paid for out of them. 



I'd like to say that all my makeup is cruelty free, but sadly I can't. I own a lot of items from brands that test on animals and it's something I do struggle with. However, another reason why I love buying NYX products is because their products are cruelty free, as indicated on their packaging. I know I have a long way to go when it comes to sustainable fashion and makeup, but I'm happy to know there are some brands I can turn to for this.


And lastly, I have to mention the formula because I was pleasantly surprised by it when I first tried the brand out. My favourite lipstick of theirs, Whipped Caviar, was one I wore almost every day this past winter. It was a smooth matte that didn't dry up my lips; something very difficult to find even in the most expensive brands. It's also very impressive how long the colours last throughout the day, even through food. I will say that their suede liquid lipsticks can get a bit drying, but they last and have great colour pay off. All in all, I thought it was an over hyped when the store opened up in Toronto and there was a line around the block, but now I know why the brand is so popular. 

What brand pleasantly surprised you?