If you've been keeping up with my blog over the last few months you can probably tell that I am not the most organized and consistent blogger out there. I tend to come up with a few topics I want to discuss and then randomly write them a day or two before I am set to publish. And that publish date has changed many-a-times because I never really know when I'll be in the mood to write. However, one thing I can finally admit to myself without feeling any sort of millennial shame is that I genuinely enjoy blogging and doing it as my hobby. It's a great way to relieve stress and fulfill my constant desire to write and write anything. 

This month I decided I wanted to get back into weekday blogging, so filling your Bloglovin feeds from Monday to Friday with my miscellaneous thoughts and various beauty, lifestyle, and self-care tips. I know this is going to be a drastic change for me as well as any of my readers as I attempt to navigate through working retail on the side as well as doing this, but it's a journey I'm willing to take.

This especially rings true after a period of having lost my momentum with blogging. I just want to get back into the swing of things and really produce as much content as I can and push myself to my creative limits. For today's post I thought I would write a small list of what's helped me get out of my blogging slump and gain back the motivation I need to kickstart my hobby again for anyone that might also be going through the same thing. 

1) No matter how hard it seems, always tell yourself you can

2) Your blog won't look like your favourite blogger's, but being yourself is enough to gain support

3) Don't be too hard on the content you produce. If it feels right and you enjoy doing it, then that's all that should matter. You don't have to live up to the expectations of what you think you should be doing. 

4) If you look at it like a chore instead of a challenge and experience then you'll feel that much less motivated

5) Don't always worry about the numbers. Yes, it's fun to see your little hub of creativity grow, but at a certain point your people will find you and ruminating at how many less readers you have than other bloggers will only many you less excited about blogging. 

6) Don't be embarrassed about the kind of content you want to produce. So what if it's frivolous? So what if it's too risque? This is your space for your thoughts. 

7) Let yourself have fun with what you're doing. If you've stressed so much about it that it's no longer fun then maybe it's time to take a step back and revaluate what you want to be doing and providing with your blog. 

How do you deal with blogging slumps? I'd love to know your tips!