For me, fall begins when it's September. Perhaps it's the aftermath of years in the educational system, but I can't help feeling like pulling out the stripes and corduroy as soon as kids go back to school and the weather drops ever so slightly. However, ever since I gave my wardrobe a big minimalist cleaning a few months ago, I've had a harder time piecing together outfits that aren't comprised of leggings and an oversized sweater. The struggle, I know!

So, for today's post I thought I would focus on the accessories I think help make an outfit what it is or dress it up that much more. Some of the items discussed in this post are items I own and some will be accessories I have been eyeing as they become trendy for this season. 

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Last weekend I stopped by a small general store in my neighbourhood that I never even knew existed until then. These are my favourite discoveries to make because I'm never seeking them out, but I always end up gaining something positive from the experience, whether that be simply intrigue or (as I did) a few dainty rings to add to my collection. And when I say collection, I mean about 3 other rings that I've bought over the last 5 years. I'm not a huge ring kind of person, but I find that when I'm out of ideas for an interesting outfit, having a bit of sparkle really livens up an otherwise boring look. 

I opted for gold this time, whereas I've always bought silver thinking that it was the only metal that suited me. But I've really warmed up to a few gold pieces here and there without feeling to gaudy when wearing them. Since this shop is part of The Nooks which is a group of Canadian retailers, I thought I would provide some other pretty options for dainty gold rings that can be viewed or purchased from the comfort of your couch and behind the glow of your laptop screen. 


I was just gifted my first pair of loafers and I am beyond excited for them. Seeing as I work in retail, I spend most of my day standing and running around, so a good pair of comfortable shoes is always needed. The pair I currently have are by Micheal Kors in burgundy, from a designer depot type of store near my apartment and were (luckily) on sale. I'm not a huge fan of the logo right in the middle of them, but the colour is beautiful and the material was too comfortable to pass up.

Here are a few similar options in neutral colours:



And now onto a few odds and ends when it comes to my fall accessory prep. Leather/faux leather backpacks seem to be everywhere now and I thought it would be useful to have one for when I ride my bike and don't want to be dressed completely in workout wear. The one I bought is a brown dome backpack from the Gap (pink equivalent shown below), but there are so many styles out there that it was difficult to pick between them. I was never really into the idea of a backpack as a 'purse', but I've warmed up to it now and it's actually made my commute to work much easier since I can just throw everything in there and sling it onto my back. 

The last item I wanted to mention are sunglasses. They are the finishing touch to a look, in my opinion, and seeing as I've had the same pair of Rayban Wayfarers for the past 10 years I thought it was time to look for new ones. I currently have my eyes on another pair of Raybans, but am open to any options that are classic, but still somewhat stylish. The thought of having to go to stores and try them on, though, is kind of delaying the process despite how much I want/need a new pair. 

What accessories have you been interested in for the fall?