Products I Want To Use Up


With my new found eagerness to blog came a surge in new blogs that I've started reading. All of them great at one thing specifically - making me want to try new products. I wrote up a whole post of things I want to try in the upcoming weeks as a means of curbing these cravings, but that list seems to be getting bigger by the weeks. So, I decided to promise myself that I would only buy new products once I finished their counterparts already on my dresser. This is an exercise in maintaining control over my finances, but also in really determining what's important to me and worth a repurchase. 


For this post I'm listing a few of the items that have been in my life for far too long and in desperate need to be switched out. This does not mean that I hate them; on the contrary, all of them have been some of my favourites to use. But I've gotten the itch to change things around and that can only be done once a few things have been sufficiently used up.

1) Too Faced Hangover Primer 

I bought this primer a while ago and have really been loving it, but I feel like it's lasting a bit too long. I want the opportunity to finally try a new one and see what works with my skin to really give me a fresh face and glowing skin. 



2) MAC Soft & Gentle

This is the OG of highlighters and it's undoubtedly been fantastic to use. However, I've been getting the itch to try some new ones and didn't realize how much product is actually in the compact. I'm hoping to finally switch this one out for some Glossier highlighters in the future. 

3) Pure + Simple Hydration Serum

This was the first serum I ever used and it will always have a little place in my heart. But the time has come to move on and meet new brands. I have been seriously lusting after The Ordinary and really want to try their products as soon as possible. I don't have much left in my Pure + Simple bottle so hopefully I'll be able to add The Ordinary to a skincare post in the upcoming months. 

4) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

This eyesahdow primer is great at what it's supposed to do, but I do find that it is a bit too thick and sticky for my preference. I've really been wanting to try the Too Faced primer so once I finish with Urban Decay I'll be heading over that way. I would definitely recommend this primer for anyone who has insanely oily eyelids, like me, or eyelids that are fairly hooded and crease eyeshadow easily. It really helps to keep any pigment from moving. 

What products do you want to switch out from your routine?