I'm lucky enough to be able to say that I have pretty good skin. Other than those pesky breakouts every so often during my PMS week I don't really have many skin problems to fret about. However, this lack of anxiety about my skin has left me somewhat unprepared for when things do start going badly and I end up with spots all over my face and neck. Getting those few randoms spots might be even a bit more annoying than overall acne because of how sporadic and untreatable it seems to be. What caused it? What did I do differently this week than last? And what treatment will make this particular pimple go away the fastest? 

Over the past few years I've taken some time to just sit down and look into what might be causing my random (in my mind) pimples and a lot of the information was quite interesting and facts I would otherwise overlook day to day. Of course, I'm not a dermatologist and have never dealt with anything as intense as cystic acne, but I thought I'd put a little list together of the few things that seem to fire my skin up when I find it's at its worst. 

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1) Constantly touching my face

I have a bad habit of resting my face on my hand when I'm thinking and it's evident that when I do that enough throughout the week I will end up with a massive pimple in the exact area I've been doing it. This is especially bad when I'm at work where I'm handling clothes and cleaning dusty areas - my skin just absorbs the bacteria instantaneously it seems. 

2) Not washing my makeup brushes often enough

I am so bad at remembering to wash my makeup brushes. I'll typically know it's time when I start getting breakouts on areas where I apply the most product with said unclean brushes. 

3) Not washing pillows often enough or washing pillow cases in hot water 

Another thing I tend to forget is that pillows also need washing just as much as any other bedding. Even not taking the time to wash my cases in hot water can end in a few spots on the side of my face that I sleep on the most. This is especially bad on the nights that I tend to get a bit sweaty during the summer. 

4) Not moisturizing

It always confused me to think that in order to avoid oily skin that causes pimples you need to moisturize a lot. It seems counterintuitive, but in reality my skin dries out fairly easily and so slathering on a layer or two of cream prevents it from trying to overproduce natural oil that can lead to breakouts. 

5) Eating dairy


I notice a significant change in my skin and it's texture when I've given up on healthy eating and gorged myself on dairy. Fun fact about me; I'm lactose intolerant. So naturally you'd think I stay away from anything dairy filled, but no, I seem to eat it more than anyone. My skin will flare up within a day or two after binging on ice cream or Nutella, but do you think that would stop me? 

Here are a few of the products I am currently using on my skin for general cleansing and to specifically target pimples. I hope to be switching them out soon and trying some new brands, especially The Ordinary since I've heard such good things about their products. 

How do you avoid annoying breakouts?