Recently I've been getting back into the routine of applying makeup. I don't know what it is, but after a few weeks of a bare face, I have the urge to start experimenting with products again just to change up my look. Now that the summer has finally rolled around for us in Toronto, going out at night is a much more common occurrence and that's usually where I've been taking it to the next level these past few weeks. I'm not good at makeup, nor do I claim this post to be a tutorial of any sort, but rather a sharing of a look I think accentuates my features. 

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TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER: This isn't a necessary step, but I'll apply some primer on nights I know will be a bit more humid. This keeps my makeup on for longer and makes it a bit more vibrant. I've only ever used this primer, but I'm sure there are many out there that do the same job. What I like about this one is the refreshing feeling on the skin and the coconut scent - it leaves you feeling somewhat revitalized. 

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CONCEALER: This has quickly become a favourite product for me. It's easy to apply, has great coverage, and can also be used as a foundation if necessary. The price you pay for the amount you get might seem steep, but considering it's durability you only need a little bit on a brush to make a big impact in concealing blemishes and dark circles. 

MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL: This has been a go-to product for me since I really started wearing makeup. As I've said time and again on this blog, I don't usually opt for liquid foundation, especially in the summer when my face is already a bit more oily than normal. Seeing as my skin has been a bit more cooperative this past month, I've been able to get away with dusting a bit of this powder on top of my concealer. It helps to smooth out any discolouration while still feeling light. 

MAC SOFT & GENTLE HIGHLIGHTER: I really can't get enough of this highlighter. I find myself reaching for it every day, especially on those sunny ones that help make it pop all that much more. It glides on effortlessly, builds up nicely, and sits on the skin as a glow rather than just a slab of glitter. I will usually apply this to my cheekbones, centre of the forehead, bridge of the nose, centre of the chin, and under the brow bones. 

MAC EYESHADOW IN COQUETTE: This has been an addition to my makeup collection that I know will be a staple for many years to come. Seeing as my eyes are almond shaped, but slightly protruding, I typically like a bit of shadowing in the centre to give them more of a deep set look. Black is a bit too harsh for my colour palette, but a greyish taupe seems to bring out the slight green tint in my brown eyes. I quickly brush this on with a Zoeva brush near the base of the lashes before applying mascara. 

MAC BROW KIT: I am not the biggest fan of the bold brow look that's become famous as of late, but I like the idea of defining what you already have to work with. My brows are somewhat sparse so I'll comb a bit of this gel through them just to add a bit of colour to the areas I feel are lacking. The only issue with this is that it can clump at times, but in that instance I'll go over the spot with a q-tip and Bioderma makeup remover. 

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA: This is by far the best mascara I have used to date. I can't get enough of it and when I decide to test out a different, cheaper brand, I always find myself coming back. The formula in this mascara is perfect for really building up my lashes evenly and giving my eyes a smouldering look paired with the aforementioned MAC eyeshadow. You may have noticed one other mascara in this post's pictures which I discuss a bit more in a mini review down below. 

KAT VON D LIQUID LIPSTICK IN LOLITA II: I now understand the hype with this liquid lipstick. The colour is beautiful and the formula applies smoothly. I've been wearing it for every night out and receive nothing but compliments on the look. In the few wears I've had with it I've noticed that it tends to wear out faster on the inner lip, but isn't noticeable enough to change my opinion on how obsessed I am with it. A quick top off is all you need to continue the night.


I wanted to try this mascara because of the hype it was getting as being comparable to Better Than Sex. As you can see by the picture the packaging is very similar and the wand also has an hourglass shape in order to catch all the lashes, however the biggest difference lies in the formula. L'Oreal (in my opinion) is known for clumpy lashes. Some people love that look and feel like it improves their lashes, but any clump immediately makes mine look sparse and spider-like.

Alone, this mascara just grips on to all my lashes at the same time, rather than fanning them out and giving them that false lash appearance. However, I have been using it with my Better Than Sex when I want to add extra oomph to my look. It's great at adding bulk, but not so great at evenly distributing it to all the lashes. 

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? 

What is your go-to night out look?