I may be physically back in Toronto, but my soul has decided to live between the cracks of old brownstones in New York.

Our trip was a short one, but it felt like I had already been there before. While I expected it to be a bit warmer, we were left layering up as much as we could when the sun went down. I opted for my denim or leather jacket, paired with a big sweater and a comfy pair of shoes for the long hours of walking, stopping, eating, and photographing. 

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We wanted to plan our trip on a budget so we decided to stay at a quaint Airbnb in Bed-Stuy, just a 20 minute walk to Williamsburgh. From there we traversed southern Brooklyn before making our way into Manhattan for a few comedy shows and drinks. We had to stop off at Shake Shack and The Burger Joint to try some of the famous NY burgers, however, I'll admit that I still like The Burger's Priest a bit more. We managed to keep our spending down by not really shopping for clothes, but rather paying for experiences such as food, drinks and a few Ubers to get back and forth. However, walking everywhere really helped us save. 

And, if you know me at all, you'll know I had to stop off at a few locations from Sex and the City, the most prominent being Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on Perry St. We also stopped off at Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake, which we then had to carry along with us the rest of the night before we got back to the Airbnb to eat it. 

Despite New York being a lot like Toronto, I can see why so much creativity of artists preceding me flourished amongst the tall buildings and looming fire escapes. I hope to go back some time in the near future and explore what was left behind. However, that would be preferable after 4 years *ahem*.