If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen that I am currently working on a book. Actually, I’m working on two books. A bit ambitious, I know, but each one involves a different type of concentration and writing style. However, during this process I’ve found it incredibly hard to just sit down and do the most important thing…write. I always end up watching some Youtube videos or browsing blogs instead of putting pen to paper and coming up with content of my own. I’m sure I’m not the only person who struggles with this so I thought I’d round up all the tips and tricks for staying motivated that work for me into a blog post for this week.


This might sound a bit cliché, but the most important step in my writing process is a hot cup of coffee. There’s nothing more comforting and inspirational to me that sitting by an open window with a notebook or laptop and taking a sip. As soon as my lips touch it I feel instantly uplifted and ready to plant myself on my couch or at a table, determined to pump out a chapter or blog post.


My mood changes with the weather as does my motivation. I work the best on grey, dreary days. Something about slight rainfall or overcast allows me to focus on my work rather than what is going on outside. I also tend to lean toward gothic scenery so a rainy day evokes some of my favourite stories. I find if it’s an especially sunny day, the last thing I want to do is spend it indoor, trapped in my fictional world.


Darkness is my enemy when it comes to writing. I need a space that is either bright and airy, or lit by candles and fairy lights. The worst setting for me to get some writing done is with the blue glow of the television or yellow haze of our apartment lights. If you also have trouble writing inside your place, I’d recommend getting creative with the lighting or even taking your notebook or laptop outside to a park or coffee shop.


For the past month since I left my office job I have made a point of going out for long walks. This is much easier to accomplish now that spring has hit us and the weather is taking a pleasant turn to the double digits. This may be where most of my inspiration comes from as the city holds so many secrets among its landmarks and small alleyways. Not to mention getting a bit of exercise helps clear a cloudy mind.


It’s imperative to be surrounded by like-minded people, especially when you are trying to work on your craft. I’m lucky in that my boyfriend also likes to write and understands the concentration that goes into a simple paragraph let alone an entire novel. Surrounding yourself with creative energy can be as simple as keeping a book close at hand or taking some time to look through photography blogs. I find that I am the most motivated to cultivate my craft when I see the accomplishments others have achieved.

What motivates you to write?