I thought I would end this week on a lighter note and discuss my current makeup menu as I trudge through the arboreous landscape that is minimalism. I’ve significantly decreased my makeup collection in the past few months, only holding on to the few things I know I like to use. However, there are a few that I love to use, and those are what I’ll be discussing today. At some point I hope to convert my entire collection over to cruelty free, but there are so many products that I would like to use up (since I’ve already purchased them) before I make the switch.

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I’ll usually begin my routine with a recently washed face, using my usual cleanser and moisturizer, however I’ve also started incorporating a serum as well. Since my skin is fairly dry after it’s been cleansed, the serum injects some moisture back into my face, making my skin feel soft and rejuvenated before I apply my moisturizer and then my makeup. I’ve been currently loving the Pure + Simple Hydration Serum that I was recommended when I went for a facial at the downtown Toronto Pure + Simple Spa. It’s made a huge difference in my skin and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it when I run out.

After I’ve moisturized I’ll apply my base, which has currently been a liquid foundation from L’Oreal. I know, I’ve mentioned many times that I don’t like liquid foundations, but I was weaned onto this one by trying out the Lumi cushion foundation which I became obsessed with. However, the cushion didn’t provide as much product for the price so I switched over to the pump bottle and have been enjoying it as a fun product to play around with, one that’s much more malleable on the skin compared to the powder foundations.

For blush my go-to has been Mood Exposure by Hourglass. It’s a fail-safe colour that always looks good on me, even as I’m losing my tan from January’s trip to Dominican Republic. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s so pigmented that you only really need one swipe of your brush to get a fair amount of colour. I would recommend this for anyone into neutrals and just wants a bit of definition on their cheeks.

My highlighter has been the trusty MAC Soft and Gentle—pigmented enough to make me glow, but light enough so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing kid’s craft glitter. This hue is more for olive based skin tones, so if you are extremely pale I would recommended the lighter shade. I usually have to debate with myself whether or not I need highlighter for a simple day out, but most of the time I end up using it just because I love the product so much.


I can’t rave enough about Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It’s the perfect mascara for me, from the easily removable formula to the perfectly designed wand. It fits my lashes and makes them look 10 times longer with little effort. However, I’ve heard that this mascara does not work for everyone (a crazy thought!), so I would recommend you try it out if you have medium length lashes that need that extra bit of oomph. It might be a bit too clumpy for someone with short lashes and leave them looking messy.

On a night out I’ll also dust on a bit of shimmery eye shadow. My favourite of the past year has been MAC Naked Lunch. It’s the perfect neutral pink and isn’t overwhelming on the eyes. I’m fairly simple when it comes to my makeup so I don’t experiment too much with eye shadow shades and bright colours.  


My lips have been the same tawny shade for the past few months and it’s all thanks to NYX Whipped Caviar. I honestly cannot get enough of this colour and how complimentary it is on my skin. The formula is a bit drying throughout the day, but I’ve learned that with a bit of lip balm underneath my lips stay hydrated. NYX has quickly become a new favourite makeup company for me and I plan on buying from them more in the future, especially since they are cruelty free.

What’s on your makeup menu?