This past week has been devoted to self-discovery and giving up milk. I’ve always loved milk and was raised with the notion that it was necessary in our diets. Some people could argue that it is, but I’m not here to throw facts or diet shame. Milk was always how I started my days—with a nice big bowl of cereal—despite being lactose intolerant and breaking out due to it. I also have an insatiable sweet tooth that usually involves ice cream or milk chocolate. So, yes, it’s been hard without it. Needless to say, I would have gone to any extent to fulfill these ‘necessities’, despite how ill dairy made me feel in large amounts. However, I decided to give myself a challenge and attempt to remove dairy from my diet to see if it actually was the culprit of my unexpected acne. I bought some almond milk and have been using that for my morning oatmeal and coffee instead with the hope that I will one day be used to its somewhat watery consistency.

Once I took that step, I decided that it would be just as interesting to attempt a diet free of any excess added sugar and focus primarily on something that’s not very abundant in my life—fruits and veggies. I’ve tried incorporating a few more into my lunch and snacks, but it’s been difficult to really devote myself to it as I always crave some comfort food; especially after a workout. However, I can say that my skin has cleared up, which I will associate to the lack of dairy, although, the benefits of more fruits and veggies may not be as obvious so quickly. The only issue I'm having is that I do still enjoy eggs for lunch. I just can’t seem to cut those out just yet, but I've been trying.

The second thing I noticed after my skin cleared was that I’ve lost a bit of weight. I was hesitant to make this post because I didn’t want it to come off as a vein attempt at weight loss masked as healthy eating. In reality, I wanted to give myself a few boundaries to work within as a means to rediscover the importance of food and the effort it takes to eat healthy. It’s easy to go to a restaurant or order in, but not as easy to prepare a meal yourself that you may not have tried before, in hopes that it will taste good.

I can’t deny that consuming enough calories eating mostly fruits, veggies, and grains has been hard and is most likely why I’ve lost weight. As weird as it might be to say, it’s easy to get full on fruits, and feel somewhat gorged after eating only a few. Maybe that’s just me, but I find that it’s difficult to feel in the mood to eat more throughout the day and actually take in all the necessary calories. My goal for the next few weeks is to incorporate a few more nuts and lentils into my diet to bulk it up a bit. I’m interested in hearing any one else’s experience with a plant-based diet, as I feel a bit iffy about how I’m approaching it. I guess the main step is to just start eating more fruits and veggies, which I have, but perhaps not enough.

I also hope to start writing more posts on the topic of sustainable living as I’ve fallen down a dark hole researching it. It’s quite alarming and fascinating, so naturally I’d want to delve into it.

Are you on a plant-based diet? How are you finding it?