As social media has become more prevalent I’ve found that it has been increasingly hard to not compare myself to others. Our entire lives have been full of comparisons and competition, whether that be with your grades in school or the career you end up having. It’s hard to step out of that mentality if we are always told that being the best at something is vital, despite how many people are good at the same thing. Being in the blogging world for a little while, I’ve already noticed this comparison creep into my daily life, leaving me feeling discouraged and unmotivated, as if there’s not point to attempt something if I won’t be as good as someone else. But at the end of the day, we are all different and we do the same thing differently.

This post will focus on the ways to stop comparing yourself to others, not necessarily the reasons not to. I think it’s easy to realize that comparison never makes us feel good, but it’s hard to talk the steps to stop doing it.

1)     Focus on your work

Once you delve into your own work and your own style, it’s easy for everything in the periphery to drown out. If you are doing what you love and for the right reasons, it won’t matter what others think. However, if you are doing something because someone told you to or you think it’ll bring you superficial success, then it’ll be much hard to brush off the negative opinions.

2)     Stay off social media

This one is incredibly hard, but it will do you a world of favours! I enjoy social media—it’s ability to share content and creations and connect with people across the globe. However, social media without those factors is simply a number’s game. It’s about followers, likes, and fraudulent friends. When you see that someone has more of these numbers it’s easy to feel worthless and like your work is not good enough. But simply that you created something makes it worthwhile; it’s come from your mind with thoughtfulness and skill. No one should be able to tell you otherwise, especially a number count on a virtual platform. Since I’ve started stepping away from my phone I’ve noticed I no longer feel this anxiety when it comes to my social identity because there’s a real life identity that I care about cultivating much more.

3)     Surround yourself with positive influences

Good friends are so, so, so important. If your friends always made it a point to compare their accomplishments to yours it would be incredibly hard to maintain that friendship alongside your sanity. Support is necessary; especially if it’s for something you enjoy doing. Once you make strong, genuine friendships then you will no longer feel in competition with others because they have proven to be a system of support and love.

4)     Meditate

Self-awareness is key, especially when it comes to figuring out where your passions lie. Without this consideration then it’s incredibly difficult to live a genuine life full of value. You just have to sit and think about what brings you that value. If the main source if from followers on Instagram, then that’s going to be a difficult road to tread.

5)     Be the person you want to

It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t care about the numbers or what other people are succeeding at, but it’s harder to practice. I know this from experience. It seems so tangible to see in numbers how well someone is doing, but that won’t help you achieve any of your dreams. The simplest piece of advice is to just be who you want to project to the world. Once you cultivate this person and show it through your work, the right people will flock to you.

Do you compare yourself to others?